September Run Goals

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Suddenly it’s September. Where are we running?

September has always been a time for a new start. Lazy* summer days end giving way to autumn and the start of a new school year. New seasons of television shows would begin (remember when TV Guide used to put out its issue of new shows? My sister and I would fight over the special double issue). Even the leaves change colors to prepare for winter.

There are only four more months left in the year and I plan to make them full and juicy and, of course, full of running. 

First, a recap of August Running

I ran 65 miles in August. Not bad for a hot muggy month.

I ran my fastest 10K (per the Nike plus app)! I am thinking 10K may be my sweet spot (I have a plan for my birthdays regarding 10Ks. Gotta work it out before I share with the world).

I ran with new groups. It was way out of my comfort zone but I enjoyed the challenge of new paces and activity.


What’s in store for September?

97 miles in honor of my grandmother. My grandmother’s birthday is September 6th and she would have been 97 years old. I will run 97 miles this month in her honor. Towards the end of her life she didn’t really get that I had started running but she did like the the physical transformations and would tell me that I looked “sharp” when I would visit her. 

Beat my half marathon time of 2:37:56 for the Philadelphia Distance Run. Oh yes, I am running in a half marathin this month. I am competing against myself and want to beat my time of 2:37:56 for running 13.1 miles. For distances like this I usually Galloway (a fancy way of saying intervals) and plan to Galloway the first part of the race. I will save a bit in the tank so that I can finish the last few miles strong. I plan to dedicate this run to my uncle; he passed away last month and I want to honor him in some way.

Stretching. I know I set this goal often but my half assed stretching resulted in a faster recovery in the days after my last race and a long run I recently completed. I am slowly getting out of the mindset that stretching is a waste of time and is necessary so that I can still be running in ten or so years. 

Add speed work. I’ve inadvertently been doing speed work when I run through intersections so I am not stranger to them BUT the Nike app has some speed workouts that I want to try. I admit that I have been a little intimidated by the idea of speed work. It seems something Serious Runners do and, at best I “run” but am not always thinking of myself as a runner. 

Hydrate more. Look. I have been crap about hydrating outside of work. I sip water all day at work (an excuse to get up and move when my watch prompts me) but when I’m home…forget about it! I’m usually puttering about doing AFTER WORK tasks and forget to drink until right before bed and then I am pounding water which has me up half the night running to the bathroom (is this TMI?). This month I am going to try and find a better balance so that I can sleep all night and  be properly hydrated for long runs.

Races on the horizon

9/19: The Philadelphia Distance Run (it’s almost here!)

9/19 :This is a virtual run sponsored through Bibrave. I signed up for the 5K and will complete this run during one of my training days. 

9/1 – 9/30: Sweat with Your Sole 50 mile challenge (virtual race for BGR)

9/1 – 10/31:  Costume Dash 5K Virtual Run


10/10: Broad Street (This is still live but there are so! many! restrictions!)

10/16 – 11/1: NJ Half Marathon VIRTUALLY

11/6 Gritty 5K Virtual (virtual for reasons that I am feeling a tad to ornery to voice)

11/20: Philadelphia Half Marathon

Are you setting any goals for September and beyond?

Let me know how I can help!




*Libraries are not exactly lazy for me in the summer but this year I found a work/life balance that worked.


I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.

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