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Last week a friend invited me to workout at his gym and I was able to do my fastest mile ever! As I worked on the treadmill, I thought about my running/wogging/walking and I have made some decent progress since those first days of walking a mile and yes, I be working on my fitness.

IMG_1075When I really got serious about working out (Lawd, what stress motivates you to do!) I would have never thought that I would be making sure that I fit in a workout during my day, that I would look forward to it. There are still some days that I hit snooze and think, “Late” but I am excited for the challenge of seeing how far my body will go and what I will be doing next.

sept goals

September Wins


Can we take a minute to look at the time! My average runs for September are almost a full minute and a half less than my August runs. I am totes getting this tee shirt and wearing it to my race in November.

September Goals Check in

Work up to wogging a full mile without stopping. I decided to renew my membership and during my workout I ran a mile without stopping! I am resisting the urge to qualify this run because it was on the treadmill but dangit, I did it! A MILE! I teared up a bit when I finished; I can see myself as someone who is putting in the work and making things happen. I feel like I can do anything!

Workout five days a week, 40 minutes a day. This is still a work in progress. Some days the snooze button wins and then I’m all, “It’s too late to wog before work, I’ll go later” and then later comes and I’m all, “It’s too dark for the park (dude; it IS too dark out there)” and then I am reading a book watching Futurama reruns. I can say that I have been doing a consistent four days, three wogging days and either boot camp or a DVD. I thought rebooting Workout Boogie would help but I am not really making the time for it. This will be an add for October.

Adding weight training to my workout. I was doing some hand weights at home but that is just not enough anymore. I found a book (natch) to try and create a plan that will challenge me but won’t discourage me. A few friends have given me some advice so I will combine the two and see what works.

The book, The New Rules of Lifting for Life: An All-New Muscle-Building, Fat-Blasting Plan for Men and Women Who Want to Ace Their Midlife Exams have some exercises I know that I won’t be doing in the gym right now (cable pull through…no) but there are plenty of others which seem possible. Use my affiliate link to grab a copy for yourself!

Cable pull through

Cable pull through

Time Management. I decided to renew my gym membership (That sound you hear is the last pretense of me doing No Spend September). My rationale is that it’s getting darker earlier and the sun isn’t really shining until well after 6:45am. In order for me to at least pretend like I am getting to work on time, I needed to readjust my plans and expectations for the morning so gym it is. Also, I cannot lie; I do enjoy that my treadmill runs are not quite so laborious. I was able to jog at a decent pace and didn’t have the headaches that usually plague me for days after my workout.

The plan is to go after the part-time gig and at least once during the week. I will still hit up boot camp until it gets too cold to lie on a yoga mat in the park.



Wog TWO Miles without stopping. I feel this may a bit ambitious but I am up for the challenge. I want to be able to run a 5K, 3.1 miles, non-stop in under 39 minutes by December. Baby steps.

Workout Boogie EVERY Friday. This is admittedly self serving; I do want to make sure I keep this feature on the blog and I want to make sure the DVDs at work circulate. This week look for a review of Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout. I borrowed this from work but you can use my affiliate link to get your own copy.

Get The Bee and Mom in on the working out. They don’t have to go on long wogs with me but I would like to share a bit of this new thing in my life with them. My mom used to be the weight room queen and The Bee does run track so they are not starting at zero.

Nutrition. Yes. I used a general statement because I am not sure where to start. I have the fitness part down, now to get the food part straight. October will be revisiting my soup love and trying to recreate healthier versions at home.


Your turn, talk to me about YOUR October fitness goals!

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  1. It’s always great to check in on goals and develop new ones. Seems like you are doing a great job and on your way to reaching them all. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sasha-Shae says:

    Congrats! Definitely keep going. I so need to stop being lazy about getting really fit again. I just may pen a post about my goals, so I can be better accountable for it too 😉

  3. I need to get on your train. My original gal was to lose 30lbs by Dec but I don’t think I will make it instead I will do what I can and keep moving and eating right

  4. Lisa Nolan says:

    I need to step it up, literally! Your post inspired me! I love how you broke it down!

  5. joychasing says:

    Congrats on your fastest mile. Keep up the good work. I like seeing your updates online.

  6. Congratulations on such a great accomplishment! Good luck reaching your new goals.

  7. you have set some amazing goals for yourself! I hope you achieve them all! I wish you lived near me – you could totally motivate me to get off my bum and do some exercising!!

  8. babymakinmachine says:

    Rachee I think these are great goals! I wish I could wog a mile without stopping! Much less TWO! I am so excited to hear about your progress. You rock!

  9. censie says:

    I need to find my motivation again. I am going to Pilates 1x a week but i need more!

  10. Woot woot!!! Congrats on all of your progress. I know fitness goals can be challenging to stick with (definitely in my case), so kudos to you for knocking it out of the park.

  11. Jen K says:

    Look at you girl! I’m so proud of you! Keep kicking booty and taking names!

  12. staciesayzso says:

    Congrats on your September goals! I want to start working out again at least 3 times a wk. I should give it a try.

  13. I need to get back into my fitness mode. I fell off this summer and never got back on. As this fall weather sets in followed by winter I know I need to start my intervention early.

  14. Congrats on your progress! I have been slowly working my way back.

  15. Congrats! It is a huge accomplishment, I love seeing progression in my routine too, and it is a great motivator/confidence booster..

  16. mj says:

    Go girl! Congrats on your mile. You earned it, it’s yours. I’m longing to get back out and run. Right now I have been doing Jillian Michaels Beginner Shred. It’s s tough workout but I love it. I can fit it in around my tot and infant schedules.

    I’m with you on nutrition. I’m doing WW. It is helping but I need to be more diligent when it comes to snacking.

    Good luck on your October goals.

  17. I love that tee shirt! I am trying to get back up to working out 5 times a week too. Eventually, I want to get up to every day.

  18. patranila says:

    I have zero October fitness goals. I have officially given up and retired to the sofa!

  19. Jonna says:

    I love how you do this to keep yourself accountable. I’m on a weight loss journey too and I like to put it on there so my readers and viewers can hold me to it.

  20. Alright!!! Keep up the good work! I think seeing your goals directly in front of you is what keeps a person going!

  21. Ramona says:

    This is awesome. Congrats on all your accomplishments. I admit that I need to do more. My October goals are to walk 3 times a week and to do barre class 2 times a week. I will also commit to doing a light weight workout at home and watching what I eat. I need to make some changes in my life. Thanks for the fitness inspiration.

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