September 29th is National Coffee Day!

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I did NOT find a cow but
I did get my nails done

If you read this blog (or know me in real life!) then you know that I loves me some coffee. I was excited to learn that September 29th is National Coffee Day – although really, shouldn’t EVERY day be a coffee day? I am pleased to be giving away coupons for coffee lovers!

Check it, my mom was always a coffee drinker and my sister and I were always trying to sneak a sip of that creamy looking concoction. Mom would fight the good fight but would eventually relent and allow us a small sip or two. When I was old enough to drink coffee without hiding, I would drink whatever we had in the house, which was always some type of instant.


I will fully own that my coffee making skills were poor. I knew nothing about creamers, sugar, balance, and wasn’t always the coffee drinker that I am now. One too many bad cups of coffee found me ignoring the coffeepot altogether. Instead I could be found drinking “cold” caffeine in the form of colas much to the chagrin of coworkers who could not understand how I could drink sodas so early in the morning.

I am not sure when the turning point came but one day I realized I loved coffee. The aroma, the flavors and the warmth from a cup while snuggling on the couch…heaven! While at BlogHer I was able to sample Coffee-Mate’s Natural Bliss creamers and I am hooked. Its light but flavorful and a great mix to my morning cup of Joe.

Coffee-Mate has sent me FIVE coupons and I want to share them with you!

Please leave me a comment and let me know if you will be celebrating National Coffee Day and what your favorite way to celebrate is.

The contest is over Wednesday, September 19th (I want to ensure that everyone gets their coupons in time for the coffee day!).
Sorry, this contest is only available to US residents but is void in Colorado, Missouri, Louisiana and Tennessee.
Good luck!

Stay tuned. This week I am all about the coffee and want to share some of my coffee moments.

Sipping, sipping, sipping,

r’s note: In the spirit of disclosure I was not financially compensated BUT did receive coupons to try out the creamers.


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