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Friday was Astronomy Night for the Philadelphia Science Festival and Dill, The Bee, Effin Guy and I headed to the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge to star gaze, walk the trail and just because it was something different.
The Astronomy & Wildlife Night was a part of the Philadelphia Science Festival and in addition to astronomy there was a guided hike, hands on activities and (the kids’ favorite) light snacks. 

We were able to get a view of the moon, Mars and Venus and some stars. The moon magnified is quite magnificent; the craters and detail were stunning. We went on a guided hike and learned all about Project Frog Walk. We went with some trepidation; we didn’t have flashlights and it was kind of dark. The moonlight, and a Philadelphia Zoo Guide, led the way and we were able to hear the mating calls of frogs! It was amazing to listen to the frog calls. Not just the “ribbit, ribbit” but peepers, and what may be thought of as a bird or insect. The zoo and refuge are attempting to recruit people for Project FrogWatch and while I may not be ready to sign up, I am curious about and excited to hear the different types of calls. 

The The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics was on hand to demonstrate how to make paper airplanes. Dill and I made planes. Mine did not fly (*shakes fist at origami). The AIAA provided a website with some activities that I checked out and think I’ll give a whirl during summer. 

Light snacks will be provided by The Friends of Heinz Refuge as we talked with one of the guides. There is a bald eagle watch (SQUEE!) on May 20th and the guide shared some facts that made bird watching sound like something I may want to do.

We didn’t get a chance to visit many of the Science Festival activities but I’m glad we got to this one. Plus this place is FREE and local so it’s easy to get to. There are things available for all ages, including family programs for tweens (score!). Perhaps we can take another hike during our unplugged week?

I heart science and glad to have an opportunity to partake.
Ready for some stargazing,


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