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Shades of Social Media
In the last two weeks there has been a flurry of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest AND YouTube posts about the start of a new school year. I watched along with everyone and was a bit excited for myself…once again I am seeking my degree. I wasn’t going to make a big deal out this because I do feel like this is a been there, done it thing but sitting in the class with other people classified as “Adult Learners” I find myself approaching this stint with school with a fresh attitude.

Throughout all of my years in and out of school, I have played many a role. The arrogant teen who knows it all. The young woman, burning the candle at both ends. The new mom, wondering what my child was doing as I sat in class. The depressed almost divorcee, unable to concentrate because my man and I were fighting yet again. Now I am older woman, returning to school with a slight bit more knowledge than my younger self yet understanding that I need to know more.

As I sat in class last week I was humbled by the variety of students. My experiences in a variety of jobs as well as my experience blogging has given me an opportunity to become familiar with changing technologies but even with this advantage, I still feel behind and worried. Worried that past behaviors and attitudes will creep in when I feel overwhelmed. I know that I can control how I perform but part of me is afraid of the commitment, t he time, the challenge.


This year I am ready for the challenge, to give up the time that I jealously guard yet squander away and finish what I started so, so many years ago. I’ve opened myself to learning, growing and am oh so ready for the trail of letters that will be after my name.

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