Running Like the Wind

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I’ve signed on for two more races.
Hee hee.
The first is the Lansdowne 5K. Three miles. It’s at the end of the month and I will run it. The Bee wants to enter as well but since we have not trained, and last year she bitched the whole time we walked, I may enlist Pop to walk with her.
The next race is the 20 in 24 and I thought an 8.4 mile run sounded great. There are options for a midnight or pajama jog (ha, ha, ha) but I am a part of a five person relay team. I put it out there and is all about my sneaks.
Now I’ve got to get off of my rusty dusty and get it moving.
It’s been raining here…I guess I can’t let a little water stop me.
Going to bed. Despite the rain, I am going to make myself get up and hit the track.
Warming my quads,


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