Run, Rachée! Run!

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I paid my money and I am going to do it: run a full marathon.
26.2 miles.

(blinking rapidly and taking deep breaths)

What a challenge, what a milestone, what a fool! (ba dink!)
I have been running off and on, watched Simon Pegg in Run, Fatboy Run*, got my book, The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer, and I have great tunes and the desire.

Come out in November and cheer a sister on, won’t cha?


The sport of running includes
sweat,strength,wind, tenacity ,energy
and so much more,
remember the race
is not given to the swift, but given to the one who endures.

training for the marathon
may cause some discomfort and pain,
but never give up on yourself
your dream of finishing
or take your training in vain.

the benefits are rewarding
when the body and mind are one.
that creates the feeling of knowing it’s right,
and the accomplishment of finishing
and that REALLY feels nice.

if ever you feel like quitting when you know your’e
giving all your might,
just repeat to yourself I’m finishing!
cause I’m running for my life.

Lacing up my sneaks

*Kidding. As much as I love Simon Pegg this movie sucks quarters and one viewing was way more than enough.


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