Run Rachée, Run!

Say it Rah-shay By Nov 02, 2008 1 Comment

I just found out that the Philadelphia Half Marathon is closed (pity!) but the Rothman 8K is still open for registration.
Hmmm…I guess I could cough up the 45 clams and join in on the race.

5 miles.
I could probably work it in. I can race and still get to work.
Last year when I did that half marathon I was home, showered and asleep by 12:30.
I found a training program sounds good. If I had 8 weeks.
Instead I am going to concentrate on the YMCA Reindeer 5K Fun Run on December 6th.
This one is only three miles. I’ll drag my sister with and perhaps my daughter.
Guess I really will be wogging this week!

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  1. bookwoman says:

    Do it! I am!

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