Red Heart Reflective Yarn

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A few people in an online crochet group I belong to were chatting about Red Heart’s Reflective yarn and I finally had a chance to try it for myself. It’s a bulky weight, size 5, and works up so quickly. This yarn gave me faith in Red Heart. I have used Red Heart Super Saver and hated t (yes; HATED) the result. This yarn, while acrylic, is soft to touch and is smooth to handle. It does work up well but the reflective bits would get caught on my needles so be aware of that as you work. IMG_1452.JPG I used most of one skein to create a bandana that I can use if I ever join the early morning run group that I keep making excuses not to run with. To create your own bandana: Materials Size 10 (US) straight needles. (Circular may have worked better; I just used what was available.) Red Heart Reflective Yarn (use my affiliate link) Size J crochet hook Cast on three stitches. 1. Knit across. 2. Increase each row by two. Repeat rows one and two until you have 57 stitches on your needles. Bind off.IMG_1451.JPG

Using crochet hook chain 25 at bind off. Break yarn. Attach yarn to other end and chain 25. Break yarn. Voila!



Before (Please ignore the poor lighting!) (null)


After (Groovy reflections!) (null)


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