Recipe Recreation: Jarlsburg Cheese Deviled Eggs

Recipe Recreation: Jarlsberg Cheese Deviled Eggs

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This is a sponsored post. I was sent samples of Jarlsberg cheese to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Instead pot black Friday shopping, I have decided to host a Friendsgiving. My intention is to have a casual affair, people dropping by during the day to grab a bite to eat, warm up after shopping and hang out. Since I have invited people outside of the family to my home, I felt that I should give my recipes a run through to ensure that any dishes shared will be met with chooses of “More please!” instead of the dreaded whispered “Rachee made that…I’ll pass!”

The main meal is not a problem; it those tricky hor d’oeuvres that have me stumped. Once we get get out of pouring a bag of chips in to a bowl territory, I’m stumped! As I was checking out some cookbooks for recipes, the ping of my e-mail alerted me of a message from Jarlsberg cheese and there was a recipe for “Holiday Deviled Eggs.”

Recipe Recreation: Jarlsburg Cheese Deviled Eggs

How easy can it be to recreate this recipe?


Holiday Deviled Eggs

Servings: 12 (or two very motivated to sample people!)

6          eggs
1/8       teaspoon salt
1/8       teaspoon pepper
1          teaspoon white vinegar
1          teaspoon mustard
1/4       cup mayonnaise
1          cup shredded Jarlsberg Cheese


Topping options:

Shredded Jarlsberg Cheese
Cooked crab meat

Boil large pot of water. Carefully add eggs and boil on high 2 minutes then simmer 13 minutes.

While eggs cook, chop parsley and scallions, if desired.

Once eggs are cooked, transfer to bowl of ice water; cool 8-10 minutes. Peel eggs and cut in half lengthwise. Separate egg yolks into another bowl. Reserve egg white halves.

Combine egg yolks with salt, pepper, vinegar and mustard. Add shredded cheese and mayonnaise; mix until smooth.

Spoon about 1 tablespoon of yolk mixture into each egg white half.

Add toppings, as desired. For classic deviled eggs, sprinkle paprika and chopped parsley over eggs. For a savory alternative, cook four strips of bacon and chop. Top eggs with chopped bacon and shredded cheese. For a unique variation, try topping eggs with cooked crab meat and chopped scallions.

As a fan of the “make your own food bar” the additional toppings would make for a perfect interactive activity while sharing a favorite food with friends.

The Jarlsburg cheese adds a nice mild flavor. Paired with the deviled eggs it enhances the flavors of the yolk mixture. I omitted the salt and did not miss it with the addition of my newest favorite spice, Hot Hungarian Paprika (it gives a nice kick!).


Jarslberg cheese can be found in your local market (I peeped this display at my Giant) and it’s a tasty treat alone or paired with crackers.

Recipe Recreation: Jarlsburg Cheese Deviled Eggs


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