Rachée Rundown 4/11

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I’m still coming off of the high from the virtual Hot Chocolate 15k that I ran! It was actually 9.30 miles but I’m claiming that 15k. I was a little nervous about how I would run the whole thing; my regular runs have been a a bit of a struggle. I find myself starting too fast and finishing rough, being overdressed and not being able to concentrate because I’m too hot and just feeling like I’m not going to ever want to run again.


I ran four days this week.
The run on Tuesday was great. A new route, pacing with @madaboutfashion, great weather…I was hype.

Thursday’s run was one where I was overdressed. Don’t let the pose by the Zoo fool you. I had too many layers on and couldn’t get out of my head for the second half of the run.
Saturday’s run was the race. I ran most of it, only stopping for traffic and to take off a long sleeved shirt I wore under my race shirt.
I felt so good! Like I had a few more miles in me. A full nights sleep was the game changer. The support of my BGR group was the icing on the cake. 

I did a quick procrastirun on Sunday. What, you’re asking, is a procrastirun? It’s a run that one does when does when they, in this case me; your plucky blogger, when they are avoiding real responsibilities.

Good times. Good times. 


I haven’t used my Fitness+ app in a week. I just got out of the habit and haven’t made it a priority. My tight calves are paying the price. 
I have been working my core a bit. The Bee showed me some standing ab exercises and I’ve been doing those while I’m watching tv. I haven’t really counted this because I do these whenever and the reps may vary. 


Virtual Shofuso Cherry Blossom 5K: the week spanning April 10 – April 18

BGR Get Fit 5K: 4/17

Virtual Coeur d’Alene Half Marathon: 5/30


I’d like to get in the much needed stretching. My poor legs are so tight! Also, one of the Bibrave Pro members, @nilesh_running_journey, did a mini challenge of 10 10ks for his birthday. Ten 10ks are a little ambitious for me at this moment (but Rachtober falls within the 10th month so thinking things) BUT I’m more interested in the family challenge he did with his wife and daughter. I may try to add some walks with my family, weather permitting (I’ve still not embraced purposely running in the rain). The Librarian and The Bee have expressed interest in moving so I want to give them the support I had when I first started  


  • 18.91 miles this week.
  • Stretching: n/a
  • Core work: standing abs at least twice 

I’m still feeling the high from the 15K. I’m going to use this as motivation to get into bed at a decent time and add some much needed stretching. I’m a third of the way through my 75 miles for the month. Gonna catch up with my BGR group and see how to add walks in with the family. 

Will you be moving something this week? Let me know!

See you on The Drive!




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