Rachee Run Down Week ending 4/18

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The whole week has almost gone by without a rundown! The non-running things in my life are taking some priority and it’s Thursday!

Let’s do it. 


I did four last week; two raced on the same day!
The early part of the week found me sleeping in and missing my morning runs. I feel like there were some weather issues but mostly it was Rachee not wanting to get up issues. 
Wednesday was my regular group run. I paced with a new runner to the group and we ate those West Philly hills up!
On Friday I dragged myself out of bed to meet with the Friday run group and was able to run with a dog, The Paco. I loved it! He was tethered to me and ran up and down the streets while looking for his dog mama and simultaneously bein afraid of all of the things. 
On Saturday, the morning was a meet up for The Official Black Girls Run Philly Group for the Spring onto Sexy Get Fit 5k. It was such a festive event with runners from all over the Philadelphia area coming to do the 5k. The Philadelphia area ambassadors had goodies for us; headbands and snack bags – there was a post run banana!!
In the afternoon I did a virtual 5k with my friend Joy. It was for Shofuso and it was lovely seeing the cherry blossoms, we did a new to me route and catching up with Joy was so much fun. 

The Bee and I did some walking during an outdoor vintage clothes sale. It was nice having some girl time but I do want to support her desire to walk/run and could maybe get her out there. 

The Librarian hurt his back so he’s out of action for a bit. When he’s ready to move, we can get back out there. 


Honestly? I have not done anything other than some half-assed stretching. Wait. I have been practicing my hip drops from my old belly dancing days but the five minutes I spend scaring my cats aren’t really workouts, or are they….

Still working on my core with The Bee’s standing abs. 


Virtual Coeur d’Alene Half Marathon: 5/30

Philadelphia Distance Run 9/19: This is LIVE!!!!


Still working on getting the stretching in. My legs are so tight! My calves are like little rocks…what is up with that?! Still didn’t get much in the way of walks in with my family. The excuse is that I get up too early or home from work too late but the reality is that last week I was wiped from doing all of the things that come with being a sandwich generation person and all I wanted to do was watch TV and veg. It is what it is. We’ll get that walk in soon.   


  • 12.46 miles this week. This feels low compared to the week but it’s better than a zero.
  • Stretching: n/a
  • Core work: standing abs at least twice, hip drops

There are still a few days left to get in some family time. I am going to make it a priority to stretch and take a little family walk. 

Will you be moving something this week? Let me know!

See you on The Drive!


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