Playlist for Monday Madness

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Today’s playlist comes courtesy of the the awesome ups and downs of my day.

The Mamas and the Papas: Monday, Monday (cuz er rum, its Monday!)
Michael Jackson: Shake Your Body (I got up and did some loving movement for my body)
Rihanna: Shut Up and Drive (After my unfortunate Saturday, I was a bit nervous and had to make myself get behind the wheel)
D.J. Clue: It’s On (Had a tough group of two-year olds as my first storytime group)
Mary J Blige: Just Fine: Dedicated to a co-worker having a rough day.
Alice Russell: All Alone (What a quiet, glorious early afternoon I had to get ready for my late afternoon program)
Slick Rick: The Show (The SH club went very well)
Stealers Wheel: Stuck in the Middle With You (We had a staff meeting today; ’nuff said)
Barenaked Ladies (From the Album Snacktime): Snack Time and Crazy ABC’s (Trying to settle the moolah for Girl Scout Cookies was nuts!)
Yael Naim: New Soul (Taking a page from a new friend, I am trying that whole meditation thing again.

Music is Magic!



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