Picture Books To Celebrate World Lion Day

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Today, August 10th is World Lion Day and I have to admit that I am a little bummed that I didn’t learn about this day until NOW and that I failed to share some of my favorite picture books with the daycare I visited today.


Earlier in the summer I did a lion themed storytime because the library just got a copy of Jon Agee’s newest books and here are some of the books, with tips, for your very own King of Beasts themed storytime!

Lion Lessons by Jon Agee
There are seven steps to becoming a proper lion, including Looking Fierce, Roaring, Prowling Around, and Pouncing. Our young hero, a rather meek and scrawny human boy, does his best to learn the necessary skills during his training with a master instructor (who just happens to be a real lion). After a grueling set of lessons, the boy discovers that that the final step—Looking Out for Your Friends—is the most important of all. That’s how any kid can earn his lion diploma (not to mention the affection of every cat in town).

Tip: We acted the book out, complete with pouncing, prowling and looking fierce. The group I read this book with LOVED, LOVED, LOVED roaring!

Picture Books To Celebrate World Lion Day | say it rah-shay

Lion vs Rabbit by Alex Latimer
Lion bullies all the other animals until finally they can’t take it anymore. They post an ad, asking for help. One animal after another tries and fails to defeat Lion. Can no one stop him? Finally, a rabbit arrives. No one thinks that such a small animal will be brave enough or strong enough to defeat Lion. But perhaps this rabbit is smart enough?

Tip: When we read this book, the kids had to keep track of the rabbits and we discussed whether cheating, even if it’s for what seems like a good cause, is the right thing to do.


Picture Books To Celebrate World Lion Day | say it rah-shay


Pig Pig Meets the Lion by David McPhail

While Pig Pig’s mother makes breakfast, Pig Pig and the lion run down the stairs, through the kitchen, over the furniture, and romp around the house. Prepositions abound in this playful story, and an unexpected friendship is forged. But will the lion be able to stay, or will he have to go back to the zoo?

Tip: We used a lion a puppet to act out the story. The lion is ON the TV, UNDER the table, OVER the furniture, etc.

Picture Books To Celebrate World Lion Day | say it rah-shay


Quiet! by Paul Bright
A silly story about letting a lion cub take his nap. With a rollicking text and bright, humorous illustrations, QUIET! makes for an infectiously fun bedtime read.

This story is also perfect for National Lazy Day, which is also August 10th.

Picture Books To Celebrate World Lion Day | say it rah-shay
Tip: I LOVE reading this book in an almost whisper until we get to the chattering, silly animals who are in danger of waking baby Leo.


To complete your celebration, create a lion of your own!

Picture Books To Celebrate World Lion Day | say it rah-shay


To create this lion we cut strips of paper in different colors, drew a face and glued them onto a page.

Easy peasy!

Since I missed World Lion Day I will add this list of books to my Spring storytime idea file (’cause March come in like a lion…see what I did there?).

Hope you had a rip roaring day!

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  1. jeff says:

    Lion and Rabbit by Alex Latimer reminds me of the folktale: “Me and Myself!” (aka Brer Rabbit and Bruh Lion) wherein Lion roars “Me and Myself” scaring all the forest animals. Brer Rabbit takes Lion to see Man and, skipping to the end, Bruh Lion is appropriately humbled, allowing peace to return to the forest.

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