Party Girl

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Party Girl is on!
I love Parker Posey, her cool tights and those shoes!
Liev Schreiber is also in the movie as Nigel, and even though he is a jerk in this movie, who can’t appreciate a movie with Liev Schreiber? Although I am not the partier (really!?!) that Mary is, I love her enthusiasm for the job. And her I also dig her wardrobe.

Monday mornings at Lansdowne.

My introduction to Party Girl came before The Bee was a blip on the screen. While I was still pretending to enjoy science and was supposed to be studying for a chemistry exam (shudder) I took a break and flipped through the channels.
Lo and behold, here is some movie with a chick dressing in funky clothes, working in a library (one of my most favoritist places) and some house music.
Through the years I have happened upon bits and pieces of the movie and now that I am a library type, I catch it whenever its on.

Random thoughts about the movie:
What is the deal with Mary’s godmother Judy?
What a bitch.

I love that Mary uses a card catalog. When I led a library tour and showed my kids a few cards they all yelled, “What’s THAT?”

Her friends are a hoot! I love drunk Rene, Leo and Derrick. And the surprise party at the end?

Favorite scene: Mary yelling at a dude just randomly placing books back on the shelf. Not that I would ever yell at one of my patrons but you know…


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