One of a Kind Treasures from Kahiniwalla

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It’s almost that time…the holidays are coming!
Each year I tell myself that I want to present a homemade holiday to my family and friends, sharing and exchanging gifts that are either made by me or carefully selected from a businesses with a message. This is the year that I am actually going to do it!

I have nothing against large retailers but after attending a local craft show I realized there are some really talented crafters out there and I am really digging what they are doing. Also, since I have a platform to share, why not use it?

Each week I would like to share a special vendor and today I present Holiday Treasures by Kahiniwalla.


Kahiniwalla means the teller of stories in Bangla, the national language of Bangladesh, where these beautiful handmade toysclothing and rattles are lovingly crafted.


 One of a Kind Treasures from KahiniwallaEach special piece makes a thoughtful, heartfelt gift for the children and grandchildren in your life. These high-quality products will last a lifetime, creating their own special stories of time spent together along the way.



But perhaps one of the most powerful stories Kahiniwalla products tell is of one of hope. Every purchase helps women in rural Bangladesh provide better lives for their own children by earning a fair wage.


Holiday Treasures by Kahiniwalla:


  • Christmas Ornaments – Holiday and animal themed ornaments and rattles sweet as the precious little one you’re buying for.

One of a Kind Treasures from Kahiniwalla

  • Character Hats – Keep little heads warm and whimsical with adorable animal, monster and fun striped hats.

One of a Kind Treasures from Kahiniwalla

  • Fox, Chicken, and Raccoon Rattles – 100% cotton animal rattles sure to last longer than those magical day of infancy.


About Kahiniwalla:


Kahiniwalla was established in 2010 by Austin and Marita Miller. Upon his return from work as a product designer with Mennonite Central Committee’s job creation program in Bangladesh, Austin and his wife Marita wanted to continue helping to provide employment for the poor of Bangladesh. They decided to do so by distributing high quality handmade products in North America made by the Pebble Brand.  

If you would like to know more about Kahinwalla visit 


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  1. Star Traci says:

    These are lovely. I have the same wish to plan ahead and make more personal gifts. Thanks for the insporation.

  2. andawnn says:

    I love unique gifts like this. That hat and those rattles are just too cute

  3. loisaltermark says:

    Oh, these are adorable and I love the stories behind them. I try to only support companies that give back in some way, and I think I will be buying holiday gifts from here now.

  4. Nikki says:

    I love anything that has a story behind it. They’ll make great little gifts.

  5. NYCTechMommy says:

    Oh these are so sweet! I love unique knitted gifts like these. I still have little hats and other things that family got for my little ones. They make great keepsakes once the kids are done with them. Something to maybe pass down to their kids one day.

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