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As per usual I am reading more than one book at time. It was totally accidental this time around. I ordered two through the interlibrary loan at work and then I signed up to participate in an online bookclub. Then when I took a trip to the library’s county office for a meeting there was an advanced readers copy calling my name and as the fates have it, this happened in a smallish window of time.

So what am I reading
ARC: The Illusionists: A Novel by Rosie Thomas

A performer who goes by the Devil, a midget and a man with a lifesized doll. I’m ready to read more.


Library book 1: Perfect Peace: A Novel by Daniel Black

Emma Jean Peace has given birth to six boys, the seventh HAS to be the girl she wants. When she delivers yet another boy she makes a choice to raise him as the girl she has always wanted.

Deep, right?


Library Book 2: by Anthony Burgess


I saw the movie which was like WOW and decided to read the book. So far I keep finding other things to do instead of reading it. Thank goodness I get a year to read books I borrow from the college!

Book Club: The Goddess of Small Victories by Yannick Grannec


A fictionalized retelling of mathematician Kurt Godel’s romance with his wife Adele. I am surprised at how much I am enjoying this! It moves well and is quite interesting.


What are you reading that has you begging for one more page?
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