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Last week I talked about being in a Book Slump and how I was trying to figure ways out of it. After a few false starts I found two books that got me out of the slump. While at work Wednesday evening I helped a friend look for books to get her through the long weekend I spied Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby. I love Nick Hornby books (well with the exception of How To Be Good which was only OK but I forged through). If you have never read books by him head on over to your library and get to it. His books have been made into movies (About a Boy and High Fidelity) and are just great reads. My favorite is A Long Way Down followed by High Fidelity.

So far Juliet, Naked is pretty good. Older characters falling out of love, obsessed with obscure rock stars and it’s getting me through my slump.The characters are fresh and I haven’t read similar ones in a while.

In the car I am listening to The Scorch Trials, the sequel to James Dasher’s The Maze Runner.. For some readn I have to listen to this book. I tried to read both books in the series but found my mind wandering. Once I popped in that CD I was back in the room with barred windows once again.

While at the library today I snagged a copy of Persepolis. It was the One Book, One Philadelphia a year or so ago and has been on my radar for a while. Sadly he copies at MY library were borrowed and never returned so I was happy to grab both volumes for one quarter.

The Bee has been reading Pride and Prejudice. Yup. It seems that she read the first chapter on some online game that she plays and liked it. I am not sure how much she really understands but we’ll see how much she really reads.

I think next week I am going to go digital. My Nook is charged and rearing to go although I have not been using it quite as much. I’d like to know how you are all reading.

Have a great weekend and hope you score some good reads!


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