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Last week I FINALLY was able to visit the new location for Finely the Knitting Corner, nee Finely the Knitting Party. They moved from Swarthmore to Prospect Park back in April and it’s been on my “mean to” list to get to the shop. I really like the shop owner, Cathy. She is always pleasant, never lets me buy yarn to hoard (although sometimes it is just so pretty and NEEDS to be with me), and will give me advice about projects even if I have not bought yarn from the shop (and let’s be real…I am always buying something from her shop).

So last week I visited the shop and broke my no buying yarn rule to grab two skeins of Plymouth Yarn Company’s Encore Tweed. It is an acrylic blend and works up so nicely!

The shop had a hat called “Barley” made up with the yarn and I just had to get me some! The pattern is free on Ravelry and it really is easy to work up. A few knit rows, a few purl rows and the hat is coming together!



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I must confess that I cast on the hat using a larger needle than written in the pattern. What had happened was I have a pair of size six and size nine circular needles and even though I measured each pair in my sleepy haze this week I grilled the size nines and cast on.

This was actually a serendipitous…because of my locs and The Bee’s braids it helps to have the hats a bit larger and it fits without squeezing and feeling restrictive. I will cast on the next hat as written just to have a control  model of sorts.

Follow me on Instagram to see the finished object (which, of course, The Bee has claimed). I am on there are @sayitrahshay. If you are on Revelry, add me! I am on there also as “sayitrahshay.”

If you want to visit Finely the Knitting Corner here are the deets:
Address: 1124 Lincoln Ave, Prospect Park, PA 19076
Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday 12:30–8PM
Wednesday 12:30–8PM
Thursday 12:30–8PM
Friday 12:30–8PM
Saturday 11AM–8PM

Phone: (610) 328-7210

Visit them online
Website: https://www.finelytheknittingcorner.com
Facebook: /finelytheknittingcorner
Instagram: @finelytheknittingcorner/

Happy crafting!


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