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…cheese-less pizza!
The Bee can’t have dairy and for the most part is pretty compliant about her diet. She silently accepts her soy milk, dairy free treats and the like but lately she has been making noise about not being able to have the same stuff that everyone can. When she was younger it was easier to appease her with homemade treats and special trips to Whole Food. Now as she is older she is interested in what everyone else is having. The Dad and I are trying to head off any attempts to sample the wares of her friends and creativity is the key.
Last week The Bee, Mom and I went out to eat and she had her first slice of pizza. Cheese-less of course and she liked it.
Tomato pie for two!

I realize that i am getting excited about pizza but I love me some pizza. Loves it! Now that The Bee can eat a version of it, I can enjoy mine in peace and guilt free.
Helping myself to another slice.


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