On the hooks: UFO’s

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Number 17 on my 101 in 1001 list is to finish the crochet projects that have gone from enthusiastic WIP (Work in Progress) to abandoned UFO (Unfinished Object). There are at least six projects that I can think of that I need my attention and a few more that I have marked as a to do. I really can’t say WHY these projects have gone from excitement to*

Anywho, last week The Bee and I went to The Tangled Web and I used a gift card to buy some yarn and FINALLY made a market bag. Completing the bag as well as finishing up the Droid hat made me realize that I really like the final project and the satisfaction that comes from completing a yarn thing.

Here are my yarn things that I need to complete.

  1. Harry Potter scarf for Dewey Decimal Dude. I need this completed by the time I see him in October.
  2. Beret for Tracey. We were supposed to be doing an exchange; she would do my eyebrows in exchange for a hat. I still look like a werewolf.
  3. Amazon for Arli. She also wants a ninja.
  4. Fingerless gloves for Bookwoman.
  5. Hat for Dill. One day he asked me, if you’re not going to make it, just say so please.
  6. Bags for Pop and her bestie.

Stay tuned,
Hopefully Hooking,

*Also to a kitty toy. Liliana seems to think that someone will really want a completed yarn thing that is covered in fur…GAH!


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