On the hooks: Hats (of course!)

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The weather in Delco has been nuts! One day warmish, the next day I’m running from the car to whatever building I’m headed for.


So I’ve been making hats. Yes. Yet ANOTHER slouchy hat. Way to shake it up Rachee!. Ahem. So I trolled Ravelry and found this slouchy hat pattern from Balating Toys and Crafts. Not to toot my own horn but I’m getting to be a faster hooker. I’ve been working on this hat for three hours and look at where I am! (Round11). Perhaps other hookers are faster but I’m feeling good.

This pattern used my favorite stitch, half double crochet and it’s also going to use a front post decrease.

I have also found a way to tame the yarn. Sort of. An old four pound sugar container holds the skein on yarn. Score!

Enjoy the work in progress and sty tuned for the completed pics . . .coming soon!

Happily hooking,


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