On Hooks and Needles: …In which I take a walk on the knit side.

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Last week my co-worker, whom I have dubbed the Yarn Whisperer, taught me how to knit (Golf clap)!
Ever since The Bee and I saw Debbie Stoller at the Free Library and Debbie made knitting seem possible, I have wanted to give it a go. My failed attempts left me thinking that knitting wasn’t for me and that, coupled with my insane thought that I would be cheating on crochet, has held me back.

This month at the library we have been hosting a program called Stop, Drop and Craft! where my friend Heidi and I have been showing the afterschool gang, lovingly called The Get Fresh Crew by Buffy, how to hook. While the students were making chains, Heidi attempted to show me how to knit but it just didn’t work. I couldn’t get the instructions and I found myself frustrated when after two hours all I had were a tight row of stitches casted on. Heidi even admitted that she thought her instruction (passed down to her from her German mother) could be the reason that we weren’t making progress. The Yarn Whisperer stepped in and I and making nice wavy rows of knit stitches!

I got by with a little help from a friend!

All weekend I have been practicing the Knit stitch. My goal is to get as comfortable with knitting as I am with crocheting and since I keep thinking in terms of crochet it has been a a bumpy road.  It isn’t perfect and is a tad messy but dangit, I done it!

I’ve knitted a skinny scarf for Liliana!

After knitting a good 8 inches or so, I appealed to Buffy for help. She was less than helpful (I haven’t got the patience and go away were two of the things she said to me!) and because I didn’t want to wait until Monday when I would see The Yarn Whisperer asain, I turned to my old friend the Internet to help me. The Lion Brand Web site and the book Visual Quick Tips, a couple of Thin Mints, some swearing and a dropped needle later and I am working the purl stitch!

Knit one, Purl two!

I found my first knit project.
A hat of course!

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  1. Lillian says:

    I’ve never gotten the hang of either crocheting or knitting. It looks like you are making great progress!

  2. Lillian says:

    I’ve never gotten the hang of either crocheting or knitting. It looks like you are making great progress!

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