Off the Needles…Variations of a Pom-Pom Hat

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Remember the hat I was going all a ga ga over; the Anthropologie Inspired Pom-Pom Slouch? Well I cast on some stitches and decided to get ‘er done. The pattern to the hat was supposed to be linked on the blog It + Was but the link is dead. I reached out the the blogger but heard nothing. I was not feeling too hopeful; her last blog post was August of 2013 although she seems to be active on Instagram. Anywho, browsing through other patterns on Ravelry I found some notes from Ravelry user EphieM to help me make this hat and off I went.


This hat is so cool! This is NOT my picture

EphieM’s notes were a good start but I need to make some adjustments for my next go to account for the adjustments I made for *this* go.

Making the hat132

1. I used a size 10 1/2 needle when she called for a size 11. The size 11s that I had were straight and wouldn’t hold all of the stitches. I added a few more to make up for my smaller needle size.

2. I should have made this hat in the round. EphieM’s notes called for knitting the piece flat and sewing it together after you are done. This made it harder to close the hat and attach the pom pom. Also, even though I followed the method for joining garter stitch seams, I can tell where I joined and this hat looks a little messy.

3. Make sure to use Lion Brand Thick and Quick and not Hometown USA for the poms. Hometown is really soft and flopped a bit more than I like. Also, measure, measure, measure ’cause once I attached those pom poms I felt like I looked like a Dr. Seuss character and y’all KNOW how I feel about Dr. Seuss

This hat does work up quickly; bulky yarn tends to give me a nice sense of gratification because whatever I am working on goes really quickly.

New techniques learned:

Icelandic Bind Off:
This gives a nice stretchy bind off, not like my normal too tight, too tense, OMG you may choke yourself bind off. I found this pictorial tutorial from very helpful.

Joining garter seams
My seams look messy to me but I think some more practice and I will have it together.

The verdict…143


The Bee told me that hat was “different” and that someone who is not her would love it.

Back to the drawing board I suppose!





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