Off the Needles: The Tokyo Project Slouch

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Elisabeth Moss has a new show on HBO and was wearing this hat:

Off the Needles: The Tokyo Project Slouch

Because hat, I was compelled to recreate her look. After lots of google searches and looking through Ravelry forums I consulted my sister who told that the hat was a knit one, purl two and decided to have at it.

I had some Lion’s Brand Thick and Quick in my stash and used that.

Off the Needles: The Tokyo Project Slouch

The results?

A similar-ish hat.

Off the Needles: The Tokyo Project Slouch


I cast on 47 stitches using size 10 1/2 needles. In hindsight I should have used larger needles but was unable to find any and was too impatient to wait.

I followed a knit one, purl 2 until the hat had what I felt was an appropriate slouch and then decreased the stitches by doing the following:

  1. purl two together, knit one, purl, purl, knit
  2. purl two, knit one
  3. purl two together, knit one, purl, purl, knit
  4. purl two, knit one
  5. purl two together, knit one

Decrease until there are only eight stitches and then pull the yarn through.

Please note…I am NOT a pattern writer but this worked for me. If you have tips or suggestions to make this read easier, please share!

As much as I love Lion Brand’s Thick and Quick, I did not love it for this hat. I don’t know if it was this particular skein or my stitching but the hat came out very stiff and The Bee commented that this was not one of her favorites (like she won’t steal it anyways).

After I finished the hat, it seemed that a fog lifted and when I searched again I found these similar looks:

Vivi Slouch Hat  by Amanda Lilley

Zombie Killer Slouch by Luciana Young

Starving Artist by Laura Linneman

The Perfect Knit Slouch Hat by Carrissa Knox


I want to try one of these patterns and will get some bulky yarn during the next visit to my local yarn store. Yes, yes…I need to work through my stash but yarn!

So friends, what say you…yay or nay?

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