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Off the Needles: The Kerchief Cowl

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In some of the knit and crochet groups which I am a part of on Facebook, there is a thing called “Someday Sunday.” Someday Sunday is all about the patterns that knitters and crocheters want to make and some of the patterns have been gorgeous. I had my own Someday Sunday, The Bandana Cowl shared on the Purl Bee website. I got the materials to start the pattern but just couldn’t seem to get the pattern together.

Browsing on Pinterest, I came across Adrienne Krey’s Kerchief Cowl and thought I would give a bandana cowl another go. The pattern can be found on Adrienne’s Ravelry page here. (You can add me as a friend if you would like! I am on there as “sayitrahshay.”

The Kerchief Cowl is a knit pattern for a neck warmer. It is a very quick pattern; I was able to work it up in a day and this was with me stopping to ask for help. The instructions are easy to follow, broken up into three sections. Adrienne is available for help as she offers her e-mail if you run into problems (which I did). She answered within hours and offered additional help if I needed (which, thankfully, I didn’t!).

I learned a few new stitches: the SSK, wrap and turn and how to pick up stitches.

SSK (Slip, slip, knit) and wrap and turn were tough for me to wrap my head around (pardon the pun). I consulted Professor Facebook and used a guide from the website Rachel Rayner for help.

Post by Rachée Fagg.

Picking up stitches was difficult. I still have trouble figuring which direction I am working when I knit and knitting and purling still give me some anxiety. My cowl ended up with some rough edges that I may crochet a border around. My joins look messy and I would prefer a smoother look.

Here are some finished pictures of the cowl.






The Kerchief Cowl knitted by Rachee from a pattern from Neeka Knits

The Kerchief Cowl

As I share these pictures all I can see is each error so this is why I need to keep this one for myself. Ahem.

The Kerchief Cowl needs a buttons! Which one should Igo with?

Which button should I go with?

I need your opinion please! Which buttons should I go with? I am leaning toward the round one but thought I would see what you all had to say.

Also? Knitters and crocheters, what are YOUR Someday Sundays? I want to make a sweater since it’s getting to be sweater weather here in PA. I was thinking of the one called “Dawg” by Drew Emborsky from his book, “The Crochet Dude’s Designs for Guys.” It looks like it would be comfy enough to wear around the house and something I could wear on Fridays at work.

There are those socks that are still on the needle. Someday. Someday.

Keep on stitchin’



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