Off the Needles: Ear warmers!

Say it Rah-shay By Jan 23, 2018 1 Comment

Hats have been my favorite thing to knit but I’ve been trying to work through my stash and use up leftover yarn.

Ear warmers use a small bit of yarn, can be worked up quickly, and it has been fun experimenting with different styles.

If you can knit a rectangle, you can make an ear warmer!

To create The Bee’s look, I used size 11 straight needles and a chunky yarn (possibly some leftover Lion Brand Wool-Ease?).

I cast on 22 stitches and knit every row until the piece was long enough to fir around her head.

After binding off! I sewed the ends together and then used a piece of string to gather the sewed edges.

Ear warmers | Say it Rahshay

The next two wear warmers, I wanted to add a twist.

For the cream colored, I cast on 22 stitches using size 11 straight needles. Instead of knitting each row, I did stockinette stitch: knit a row, purl a row until the headband just fit around my head.

After binding the piece off, I sewed the piece together with the opposite corners to give the head band a twist. Ear warmers | Say it Rahshay

I love the knit but am not too sure about the garter stitches. Which is why I made a headband in garter stitch only.

Since I ran out of cream, I used some pink and here is the result:

Ear warmers | Say it Rahshay

Perhaps it’s the yarn but it seems as if the garter stitch came out stretchier than the stockinette stitch.

Both of the twisted ear warmers are comfy and make me feel like I’m wearing a funky turban.

These are quick projects to use up bits of yarn and gives me a sweet sense of satisfaction of finishing a thing.

Next up: complete some of the WIPs I have from last year and socks!


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  1. Erica says:

    Beautiful ear warmers! I usually wear hats in the winter, but if I have my hair up in a ponytail, I’ll wear an ear warmer.

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