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Off the Hooks: A Headband!

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Today I left the sticks in the bag and am just working with my hooks because it’s all about crochet, ’bout crochet, ’bout crochet…no knittin’! (Imagine me singing that to the tune of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.”

You’re welcome.

Today I had the urge to hook and grabbed a few hooks, different yarn and decided to go for it.

Hot off the hook A headband!

My co-worker asked me for one [redacted] months, OK, a year or so ago but I just didn’t know hot to make one and was like…eh. I looked at patterns online but was all about hats and scarves and knitting and when she didn’t mention it again, I went on my merry way. But sicne she is leaving to go to anther library (*wipes tear*) I wanted to take a chance at a headband so that I could gift her with something. I womanded up, grabbed some of the yarn from my stash and got to work.

Two hours later and I have a headband!

*waves Muppet arms*

At the flea market last week there was a vendor selling headbands and I wanted to channel her style. I made mine a little thinner, using this pattern from All About Ami. Can we chat about this blog for a minute? I am loving Stephanie’s blog and am really digging her style! She has cute patterns that she creates and shares and I just love, love, love how she explains her thought process and shares her work.Enough fangirkling! Let’s talk about this headband.

Thoughts while making the headband:

1. I was unable to find my “H” hook so went up a size to an “I.” I figured this change was cool since the yarn I was using is not worsted weight and a bit thicker, not quite bulky. Stephanie suggested a starting chain of 70 but 70 was way too big for me, even with my locs in the way! I chained 64, measured the chain around my head and I swear it did fir but upon completion was a little loose.

2. It works up super fast! I was able to knock out this pattern in a few hours and this includes me fooling around, helping a few students and talking.


3. These are going to make awesome accessories! I may be being biased but these are cute for keeping your ears warm without mussing your ‘do.

The verdict:

My student worker was thrilled with a new headband! She says that it is a little large but she will use her hair to help make it tighter around her head.

Crocheted headband

Crocheted headband modeled by M


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