October Fitness Roundup

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It’s November and time to take a look back at October’s goals and set some intentions for the rest of the year. There are only eight(ish) weeks left in this year! I need to make them count.

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Wog TWO Miles without stopping. It took a whole month but dammit, I RAN two miles without stopping. These were treadmill miles but I am counting them (more about my love affair with the treadmill in a bit.)

Workout Boogie EVERY Friday. Yeah…next one. I have the best intentions but then the house is messy, The Bee is not around to photograph me, I didn’t make time as planned, blah blah blah blah. I may take a look at this for next year.

Get The Bee and Mom in on the working out. Another one that didn’t work out as I planned. Best intentions and all meant we didn’t get to the gym as a family.

Nutrition. In progress. I have not been counting calories as I had in the beginning of my weight loss journey but when I do I see the results. I will say that I am eating more veggies but there is room for improvement.



The treadmill is a liar. I renewed my Planet Fitness membership and have been running there and yo!, my splits are awesome! 11 minutes miles! 10 minutes miles! One time I was able to bust out a NINE minute mile.

I strutted around like the proudest of peacocks (peahen?) until I went outside and ran. 13 minute miles and those steps were not without lots and lots of fussin’ and whinin’. When I discussed this with a few people the conclusion I came to is that both workouts are good but the treadmill is a good place for working on endurance and speed while outdoors is best for me to work on hills and such.

Workouts will be split; nights and bad weather (I am still not “doing rain”) will be at the gym. Early mornings and good weather will find me outdoors.

Weights are not so bad. After fumbling around the weight room I finally decided to go back to basics and hit the major muscles. With some trial an error I have been splitting my routines into upper body and lower although I am thinking I need to make time for abs daily.

My workout is loosely based on the one from Body for Life and I have been hitting the major muscles. I can see a difference since I added weight training. I feel stronger during my wogs/runs and am really diffing the way my legs are shaping up.

Calories counting works. When I follow my plan, count calories, fastidiously track each and everything I put into my mouth, the pounds melt away. When I monitor it so so, I lose weight but not as quickly an when I am a human vacuum, no change (or the scale goes up).

SO what does this all mean? I need to count calories! This is something that I am going to need to do in order to reach my next goal (and really for life). I’m at 177 pounds now which is 17 pounds away from my lowest weight in the last 10 years. With the holidays coming I think I will work on maintaining the weight loss I have achieved but it’s on like Donkey Kong as soon as the Christmas Carols stop playing.



Run two 5Ks. I signed up for the Woodlands Gobble Wobble in November and the Reindeer Run in December. Barring no injuries, my goals are to complete both races in under 40 minutes and to try to run most of the Reindeer Run.

My total mileage for 2015 is 213. I would have to run another 152 miles to reach my goal of 365 in 365, which would mean roughly 19 miles a week, 2.7 miles per day. Frankly, I don’t see that happening. As much as I would love to reach this goal, I can honestly say that I will not be abale to make these runs a reality.


I am going to shoot for 15 miles per week and if I can do more, yay but if I don’t that’s cool too.

Get to the gym twice a week. Twice a week is a doable to get my weights in. I want to do outdoor runs for as long as I can but if I split my runs with indoor and out, I feel like a twice a week gym commitment is doable. Anything more seems to be a daunting task.

I have a lock for the locker, my bag is packed, although my favorite pants may have to be retired. They are getting too loose! But I keep my phone charged, headphones at the ready and working out is not a chore but something I look forward to.

Begin tracking calories…again. Ugh! Even with the app, notebooks, all kinds of tools to help me, I still have trouble tracking. I am not trying to lose weight over the holidays (er, hello, egg nog?) but would like to get back into the habit. I am using the “My Fitness Pal” app and am on there as sayitrahshay1 if you’d like to connect.

Get The Bee and Mom to start working out with me. I am going to make a better effort this month. I really enjoy the way I feel and want to share this with them. The Bee is supposed to be starting indoor track soon and my Mom just needs to get out of the house.

Run 1.5 miles outdoor without stopping. This seems like I am going backwards and I am fighting myself not to punish or harass or get inside my head too much for this goal. It was tough running outside especially after my wins on the treadmill. Sigh! I can do it, I just need to reflect on my progress and work.

What are your goals for the end of the year? Share them in the comments!

In the Philadelphia area? Consider running one of the races with me! We can go out after and get snacks!







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  1. jeff says:

    Congratulations on the goals you reached and on the goals you almost reached. The two 5Ks at the end of the year put a snazzy, “professional” touch to your year long effort and set the stage for 2016. I wonder if a race every quarter would be a good system to guide you through a year of track-and-gym. You’ve got me seriously considering setting goals (not my forte) for my own fitness journey, they seem to really focus your efforts. Thanks for sharing!

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