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Clutter, stuff, things…I can’t escape it. I dream of a Rachee who just has it together. She will have a  place for everything, a simple life with labels and containers, a desk that isn’t like a version of the game Jenga only with papers instead of wooden blocks.

Part of me enjoys the organized chaos because it’s a system of sort. I mean, I’m not like those people on reality shoes who can’t control their belongings and need an expert, right? Then there are the days that I do a frantic search for keys and my left shoe as I balance my coffee mug before dashing out of the door in the morning and I declare it’s time to clean up my life.

I know some friends are doing various decluttering activities. I always imagine jumping in and joining and having a home that’s clutter free but not sterile. Someday I will find a way that works for me but for now I will read all about Eve Schaub.

Eve’s book, Clutter, chronicles Eve’s attempts to declutter her home. Eve is a Vermont mother and wife, with clutter hidden behind the door of a 567-square-foot room in her house.  The space was packed floor-to-ceiling with stuff, from the bizarre to the completely useless, because Eve couldn’t bear to part with anything.
Day of No Clutter Blog Tour + Giveaway

I can dig it.

It seems that each time I purge something from my home, I find a need for it in the next week and then I have to purchase that item again so I rationalize that I should just keep all of the things.

That’s a great plan, right?

Not so.

This week on the blog I join a tour promoting Eve’s new book, Clutter. You can sign up for the Week of No Clutter (March 7-14), and receive a free daily newsletter with tips, advice and videos on how to start conquering clutter this spring.


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There is even a giveaway for a lucky reader to enjoy a copy of Eve’s book.


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