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or WTH?

Many moons ago, pre-blogger and the like, I had a website that I rambled on and on and on about the stuff in my life. At the time I thought I was hip and oh so clever. I was sharing my thoughts (and not a picture cause who wanted to see me?!?). Now I may not be oh so hip or clever but hey, it was and is funny.

Please to enjoy!
Here it be:

My family has their own language.
I’m sure that other families have this kind of wierd thing going on but I swear that some of the words and phrases that my people use even make me shake my head and wonder what the heck they are saying.
Here is the list that my Grandma (and various other members of the Fagg clan) have said:

  • slow walk
  • okey doke
  • betcha a fat, funky man (please to note: you can also bet a fat, funky substitute the name of some fat a** that you know)
  • cold as whale piss
  • so quiet you can hear a rat piss on cotton
  • too vinegry
  • sharp as a rat turd on both endss
  • *** fire
  • hard times will make a monkey eat an onion
  • D’oe, d’oe, d’oe (she was hip before Homer Simpson)
  • Merry Kit Kit
  • Romance without finance is a nuisance
  • hot as two whores with the pox
  • if you get too thick, thin out
  • made out like a fat rat
  • porch monkey
  • chuckable
  • TA (tank a**)
  • a light one
  • junkie hat (these are quite warm in the winter. I will post a copy of the one I made!)
  • suit yourself
  • too short to s***
  • steal so much she can steal the yeast out of bread
  • shot with s*** and arrested for stinking– Ok this one is NOT a Nellie-ism. I have to credit a co-worker, Sharon for this. I almost choked on my root beer when she told me this little gem.
  • Off like a prom dress

R’s disclaimer***some of these have no definitions***


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