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I blame Dawn.

The plan for Tuesday: drop The Bee to school, wog and head home to enjoy my day off but then I read her blog in which she waxed spinningly about yarn she acquired at Nangellini Gallery. Compelled to visit – I justified by coupling it with a visit to nearby Whole Foods – I have discovered a new place to feed my yarn addiction and a new place to shop.

After completing my purchase at Whole Foods, I had about an hour or so to kill before the shop opened. Determined to visit, I visited Atlantic Books, cleaned out my car and almost gave up but then I saw a the lights go on, the gate fly up and the store was open.

And shop I did ! I spent more than I should have for beautiful bulky yarn in order to complete this scarf:

I am so glad I visited! The staff were friendly. Kathy, the blonde, uses words like yummy and delicious to describe the yarn. She showed me the most wonderful shawls, wraps and shirts that were created with a combination of ‘traditional yarn’ as well as non-traditional yarns (fun fur, ribbon yarn and a type of jeweled yarn. There is wonderful artwork onthe walls as well as just a comfortable, casual atmosphere. As I browsed I was urged to check out the sale items, the new arrivals as well as encouraged to just create.


The best part of the visit: a wonderful crochet section! Oodles of books, hooks and accessories to choose from. There were even copies of Interweave Crochet magazines (full of patterns that I cannot seem to follow but perhaps one day….). As I checked out with my yarn haul (shh! Don’t tell!) I met the owner, Nancy who was so easy to talk to*, encouraged me to join a class and invited me to return.

So even though I am supposed to be completing a friend’s Harry Potter scarf, I put that aside for the one pictured above. It works up beautifully. The Bee has already claimed it although Arboo has her eye on it too.

Happily hooking,

* Even though she was bearer of bad news; the effin’ PPA gave me a ticket. Bastards!


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  1. PoiemaWorks says:

    Y U HOOKER! I’m glad your hooked I just read this today I was LingOLoudly from beg. to end. Ain’t that the sweetest yarndy shop. I was there today, got a blend for a project I want to start from the Amazing Lace Crochet book. Hey lets commit to this Sunday to go to the meet from 3-6 (if you dare).

  2. charles says:

    Yes, I was dumped too. You’ll get over it

  3. ~Rachée says:

    @ PoiemaWorks: I can’t wait to get back here! I bought bulky weight and I love the color and the way it’s working up for a bag. I also got a book to make socks…we’ll see.

    @ Charles: Thanks for visiting. Still working on my feelings. I did get up to the classroom Friday but only so I could provide money for pretzels. LOL!

  4. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the lovely write up! ♥

  5. PoiemahWorks says:


  6. charles says:

    Yes, I was dumped too. You’ll get over it

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