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The Bee and I went to a sneak preview of the movie adaption of Roald Dahl’s The BFG. A few years ago he Bee was a on a major Roald Dahl kick, tearing through all of his books. and she was excited to see the movie. In spite of me working mere yards from the Dahl section of the library, I have never read the book so I went in knowing nothing


Here’s what we thought.

1. It’s a beautiful movie. We saw the movie in 3D and the movie popped. The English scenery jumped off of the screen filled with vibrant colors and detail. The effects of the movie were amazing. When The BFG grabs Sophie (this is not spoiler; this happens in the trailer)

2. The movie gets a bit intense. In the theater there were a few meltdowns and tears for a PG movie. The giant does snatch Sophie of bed in the middle of the night and runs away to Giat Country, which is far, far away from her home in London. And while The BFG is a giant, he is a runt compared to the other giants in Giant Country who are not shy about their desire to make Sophie, and other children, their dinners. 

3. The movie is long. The movie runs one hour and 57 minutes and it feels long. There were a few times during the movie that I found my attention wandering and me not caring for what was happening on the screen. The Bee, on the other hand was mesmerized, silently watching the movie.

4. Giants have their own language! You can learn Gobblefunk, the language of the giants.

The official trailer is below. Check it out!

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