#MondayListicles: Ten Happy Things

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It’s Monday so let’s make a list!

Ten things that are making me happy.

1. How to draw… an angry monkey a tutorial by Brian Biggs.
Though my monkey hate is well known (Monkeys/chimps/apes the lot of them are just eww! They have hands for feet and it’s just sick and wrong!)  this tutorial by Brian Biggs is adorable. Learn how to draw a cute monkey/chimp!


2. Simon Pegg is in a new movie!
I just saw the trailer for “Absolutely Anything” and Simon is looking quite adorable as a human who gets selected by aliens to have the power to do anything. Add a voices by the cast of Monty Python and I am all ready for the ride.

3. Seated Knee Tucks
A Facebook friend shared a cute picture of her and her sone doing these and I as all, let me at it. Four sets later and I was feeling good! Three more sets and I found myself walking around looking like I recently had abdominal surgery and forgot my support pillow.


4. Gourmet Pops from Lil Pop Shop
The Bee and I have discovered Lil Pop Shop and we are hooked! We would drive by but for whatever reason we would never be able to stop. We finally tried it Friday night and we are hooked!
The pops are made with fresh local ingredients and they are smooth and creamy and refreshing.


5. The Be Fit YouTube channel.
I have been counting calories and losing weight (Yay!) but have not really been exercising. Part of it is because I just don’t know where to start. Part of it is because lazy. The Be Fit YouTube Channel has a variety of instructors and exercises to get me started. (Thanks for BlogHer for this tip!)

6. Click, Clack, Peep! by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin.
In the newest installment from the creators of Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type there’s a new critter on the farm and sleep is the last thing on Baby duck’s mind. How will these animals EVER get rest?

7. PITCH PERFECT 2 comes out this week!

8. Sugar by Dierdre Riordan Hall. I just finished this book over the weekend and it was great! A teen learning who she is through a new friend as well as her own discovery of what she’s capable of. I will have a review of Sugar on the blog later this week but you can visit Dierdre online.


9. Hazelnut Coffee. I am just in lust with this flavor. It’s nutty, smooth and is the perfect wake me up.


10. New patterns to try. I joined a Facebook group which shares free patterns and I LOVE IT. So many things to try. I have two WIPs which may go on a time out so that I can start a new project called Clapo-Ktus. It’s made with fingering weight which made me pause but I cannot wait to give this a try. It looks light and airy and perfect for wrapping up ay work (the air is on and I am suffering!).  

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    Those popsicles look divine!

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    Love that Popsicle pic!

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