#MondayListicles: Rachee is kind. She is smart. She is important.

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This week Stasha is asking the dang near impossible (at least for me): Ten reasons that we rock.

The nerve!

Compliments are hard for me. I can give them like it’s my job but for me to take one?


I know that I am always going on that I rock, that I am awesome, that I am the greatest but then I have to qualify the positive with a negative in an effort not to appear arrogant, conceited or both. Why can’t I believe my own hype? I *AM* kind of a big deal (not really) but I am not a total troll.

I am apologizing in advance for the record snowfall we shall be getting. This post is all about how great it is to be Rachee without any many qualifiers!


1. I have a great smile.

I do. I didn’t always appreciate my smile but lately, girl…I’ve got it going on!

Me and Luvvie

Me and Ledisi


2. I’m creative.

Yeah. I’m owning it.
I create some great programs for the kids at my library and they do indeed rock.
Check out The Rocky Horror Shrek Show (genius!) Work slays or The Literacy Career Fair.

3. I am smart.

I don’t always give myself credit because I worry so much about not having those letters behind my name but dammit I am one smart cookie.
I knows my sh*t!

4. I have raised a pretty good kid.

The Bee can be a pain in the neck but she is on the cusp of becoming a teen so I’ll allow some of her Linda Blair tendencies a pass. But in reality I have raised a great young lady. She is smart, she is kind, she is very important.

5. I am funny.

At least I crack myself up.
I make myself and others laugh. I am witty, silly and once I stop worrying, a good time. (Not that kind of good time although…kidding!)

6. I do wicked imitations/impressions.

Not mean spirited in the least. I mean you have to know the person that I am imitating (co-workers, friends) but they are spot on! These imitations are a way to further my foray into dramatic storytelling. And to be snarky on occasion.
But really the storytelling.


7. I give great advice.

At least that’s what three separate students told me tonight after I encouraged one not to call herself names and to own that beauty that she is after she went on about having fat legs.
I told her, “Stop playing because in 15 years and a kid or two later you’ll look at that picture and WISH you were this weight that you think you are fat!”
Then her friend thanked me and they both left saying the sweetest things about each other.
The third student…le sigh! She was just being a drama queen and I had to get all Sweet Brown on her cause, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”
She heard me and went on to act like she had (some) sense.

8. I’ve got it made.

I have a great job, a terrific supportive family and my cat is fat.
I am living a good life and while it’s not perfect, it is pretty juicy.

9. I am not bad looking to be almost 40.

This is a vanity one but I’m owning it. I may have thick legs, a chubby waist (wait) and a little more jiggle when I walk but the total package is one hot mama.
One sorta negative…I wish I owned my hotness years earlier. I used to think I was ugly (IKR?) What a waste of years.

10. I love the Rachee that I am.

Maybe one day I will share the tale of “Angry ol’ Rachee” but the world is not ready for that story.
Just know that the Rachee you see, she is fine and loving life, herself and knows it. It took a while to get to this place but now that I am here…honey, honey, honey! I love it.

Now then
Let me know how and why you are kind, smart and important. I know you can do it!
Leave a comment or if you blog, share a link!

Loving me and laughing,


I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.

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  1. Stasha says:

    Way to own it my friend. And you have an amazing smile for sure. I love passed your awesomeness to your girl!

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