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Before we begin this week’s list can we just have a conversation about how I totally forgot an addition to my list? A quote oft uttered by members of my family, whether it’s appropriate or not, from Dirty Dancing, commanded by the tight pants wearing Johnny Castle “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”

Shame on me!
Jerry Orbach was in the clip too! (Golly do I miss Lenny!)

r’s addendum
I totes forgot about The Planet of the Apes!
How in the world did I forget about Charlton Heston’s gravely demand to the guards to “Get your filthy paws off me you damned dirty ape!”
This occurs about an hour in.

Anywho, here is a list of ten things that are in the closet at work.
Please to note; this list is not complete. This list is the funnest!

1. Worms
Forreals. We have a compost bin with real live worms.
There has to be about 500 of those suckers wiggling and crawling in a mixture of paper, compost and various stages of decomposing food.
Nom, nom, nom!
2. Games
A ton of board games. Some were donated, some were smuggled brought from home, a few were here when I got here. The kids like them OK but compared to Wii and X-Box they often don’t want to play Monopoly Jr or really could care less if Professor Mustard did it in the library with a shovel.
3. Fisher Price Little People
Not the ones from today but some that I found on e-Bay from when The Bee was a kid. I brought them to work one day and they stayed. Honestly I sometimes go into the closet for something and find myself playing with them.
4. Puppets
Because how does one properly tell a story without one’s hand shoved into the bottom of a bear?
5. An empty big screen box from Amazon.
We are building a bus and needed a huge piece of cardboard. I mean it’s like big screen TV huge and this here sentence is how people get started on Hoarders.
6. All of the crap from my desk that one time it was clean.
It had to go somewhere!
7. Legos
Literally thousands of them.
In a related story, if you ever feel like sorting them, give me a jingle. As for now they are all jammed into a bunch of storage tubs, an old desk drawer and an old filing cabinet waiting to be used.
8. Miscellaneous Manipulatives and storytime props.
We have a ton (not really) of foam shapes to create patterns, blocks to stack (these are not to be confused with Legos!), kits and more. When we have our early literacy storytimes, we have a plethora of ways to enhance the experience.
9. Musical instruments
See above and coming soon…Lansdowne Storytime…the Musical!
10. Activity cubes
Because they are awesome!
I first saw the cube on Little Family Fun and created one for the library. I keep meaning to add the plastic page protectors to the sides to make sure I can easily change out the activities but then I keep finding cube shaped boxes and why have one when I can have several (I know, someone call Dr. Zasio!)
So, that is (some of) what is in the closet that is ALWAYS getting cleaned out but always appearing junky.
What’s your closet look like?
Let me know in the comments!
Before you go, enjoy MJ!

Micheal Jackson – Keep It In The Closet by Sarex_82


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  1. Stasha says:

    I spend hours sorting out my boy’s Legos so I’ll pass! Worms win the oddest entry of the week 😉

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