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Happy Day Friends!
it’s another week and another go at Monday Listicles!
This week let’s keep it freestyle and you can share a list of ten things of your choosing. Next week we will make it more formal with an optional prompt: Ten songs that get stuck in your head (Is it AWESOME anyone?)

Now then: Make a list, check it twice, add some bling and link up!



I joined in on The Centisible Life’s The 5 a Day Clutter Away Challenge and thought I’d make a list about some of the clutter that is creeping in on my life and making me wish I were Samantha from Bewitched and could just wiggle my nose to clear the mess. But since I have not yeat fully realized my powers (they’re a coming) I have to clean the old fashined way…with elbow grease and bending at the knees and lots of asking “Why do we have this?!”


Ten things to start with to begin to clear the clutter:

1. Clothes.
I had to admit that that dress I got from The Goodwill, while a great bargain, was really a waste of money since it was not getting used as it sits in my closet, you know, not being used. So farewell funky green dress that was going to be my goal dress for Fall and then Winter and now Spring that didn’t really fit well when I tried it on but I justified it bu sating it would EVENTUALLY look good when I did the crunches I still have not done. This dress, along with the drawers of tee shirts that I don’t wear and know I am not going to make into a quilt just has to go.

2. Shoes
Ten years ago those platform shoes were my favorite. It made me taller, made my legs look a little bit longer and made a satisfying clomping sound when I walked anywhere with hard floors. Alas! The strap broke, I tend to pronate when I walk and my once funky clogs are just funky and tired and need to go.

I need a moment of silence for these.

3. Yarn destashing!

She who has the most yarn doesn’t win, she just has a bunch of yarn. A few weeks ago I bought a bookcase from a friend and it’s a cool one like from Ikea that’s all cubed and reminiscent of a yarn shop and looks good and is full of yarn I am not even using. I like, OK love the idea of having a large stash but what good is that stash if it’s just sitting unused? I admit that I made a purchase of yarn because I had a coupon, (I would have lost money if I had not used that coupon…duh!) but yeah…that is really no reason to buy yarn just because.

4. That closet
So. When I moved there was a closet that was like a catch all closet and it’s full of rusty tools, old paint, some tiles, junk. It’s been on my mean too list to clean it out because that closet can be used for some many other things. Like books and cleaning supplies and games! I would love to store all of our board games and video games in that closet.

5. The other closet
The other closet we actually use but we have scores of old coats, reusable bags, hats, gloves, etc that seemed to accumulate. (Aside, how does one woman and one child have so much crap?) Maybe clearing out this closet will give us the space we need

6. Books
This seems to be a perpetual problem. I was lucky enough to score tickets to Book Expo America and STILL have books from last year. Add to that the review books I get plus the books I am judging for the committee I am serving on and that is a lot of damn books. I gave a bunch away during the holidays, took even more to work but there are still shelves and shelves of books that I just need to admit that I am NEVER going to read and then just ser free.

7. Craft supplies
Which are different from yarnthings
I had it in my mind that I was going to spend time making crafts. The Bee and I would bond over mod podge and glitter. Nope. Not even a little. We have a bunch of old boxes, container and jars that were rescued in the hopes of repuposing them for some Pinterest worthy crafts. We now have dusty boxes, containers and jars that are NOT being crafted with.

8. Those kitchen gadgets.
I have two crock posts, three coffee makers, two mixers blenders and probably cook twice a week month (kidding. Maybe three times a month). I love gadgets but since I am not using them I need to free up the space and let them go.

9. That bucket of tiles
Once upon a time I got a mess of tiles and was going to re-tile the bathroom. Fastworward to now and not only have I NOT re-tiled the bathroom, I have let a perfectly good container not be used. Part of me feels that since they were free I should keep them but the other part of me knows I need to just put them out for the junk man.

10. Paper
I’m buying a shredder cause those bank statements and oh so important documents that litter every flat and semi-flt surface in my house has gots to go. I hesitate to throw them away because trash day also means slavage day and when the junk man comes by to collect cans, I really don’t want him seeing some important and/or sensitiveitems. (I am aware that I want said junk man to take those tiles but not go through my paper trash…shhh. Turn away from the double standard.)

That’s my start. Click through to Kelly’s post for her plan.  Share the news and don’t forget to link up with Monday Listicles!

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Until then, grab some boxes!


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