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This week’s Monday Listicle was suggested by Jen who wants to know which television shows we think were cancelled too soon. I’ve got something to say about this! All of the good shows are always yanked off of the air before they can get really good traction going. I mean, I know ratings and sponsors and such but really! How hard would it be to give shows more than an airing or three?



These are the shows I think were not given enough of a chance:

1. Cop Rock

I know everybody talked about how awful it was but I LOVED Cop Rock. I remember gathering in my parent’s room (they had the, at the time, big screened TV… a whopping 25 inches!) and watching the premiere. I couldn’t wait to get to school the next day so that I could talk to all of my friends about this awesome show. A show they all hated.


2. Firefly

Effin Guy turned me onto Firefly. He had this tee shirt which defined the word interesting and while I thought the shirt cool, I felt like a poser wearing it until I could appreciate what it meant. Firefly was so much awesome in 13 episodes and a movie (featuring Chiwetel Ejiofor!) but I wonder if it would be adored as much is it wasn’t yanked around by Fox before ultimately being cancelled?

3. Andy Richter Controls the Universe

Another show gone too soon. Andy Richter is hilarious as a poor schmo trying to get through the day. How can any show with a character so good looking he gets what he wants (James Patrick Stuart), Andy exploding and a ghost fail?!?

4. Andy Barker, P I
An unlike private investigator is found in accountant Andy Barker. When he moves into his new digs he finds that the former tenant was a private detective and all of the old clients are looking to Andy to solve their problems. Tony Hale is hysterical as Andy’s friend who wants to be a part of the action so badly as he inserts himself as assistant investigator.



5. The Original Star Trek
Yes, I totally worship at the altar of Next Generation but really, really, really the original series was campy and fun and without it there would be no such thing as Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

The video below has nothing to do with the original series but I just think the screen junkies are funny.

6. Life

Damien Lewis is Charlie Crews, a cop framed and wrongly imprisoned. Once released from jail, he gets a ton of money from a wrongful lawsuit, rejoins the police department and begins the search to find who set him up. This was more than a cop show, more than a search for the truth. This was a man’s search for the truth, for what would be his life and it was gone way too soon.

7. The Tick

The Mad Bomber What Bombs at Midnight?
A mustache that has its own theme music?
Chairface Chippendale?
Die Fledermaus?
This cartoon was so full of jokes and wit and so much fun to watch.

8. Law & Order
I know some of you are thinking that this show was on for 17 years but it was still gone too soon. I could watch L & O all day any day. The “Bah-bahm!” The cracks from Jerry Orbach and later Elton from Clueless. The DA’s making shady deals.
Why Dick Wolf, why did you have to go off of the air?

9. Cashmere Mafia
Four women, friend since business school, have each others back as they try to make it in the city. Yes. It’s kind of corny but this show was great featuring Lucy Liu and Miranda Otto.

10. The Unusuals
Another cop show and it starred Jeremy Renner. Despite that, this was a really decent show. Funny, FUN, quirky and great characters.

Total aside: HOW does New York have any crime left with all of the cop shows out there? For reals? I want to know!


What shows do you think were gone too soon?
C’mon! You know there’s one lurking….

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  1. Stopping by from Monday Listicles.

    Life was a good show. I wish there was more.

  2. Kelly says:

    I forgot about The Unusuals. Jeremy Renner = yummy, and then Amber Tamblyn and Harold Perrineau convinced he was going to die? Great show.

    And Interesting. Definition: Oh god, oh god, we’re all gonna die? SO many good quotes from that show.

  3. Jen says:

    It’s a bummer Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle came out at the same time. I think they couldn’t share the same market. But I loved them both!

  4. paul says:

    Spoon, I almost added The Tick to my list too. ROFL funny.

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