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Hello! Hello!
It’s (almost) Monday and time for another listicle!

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This week, in honor of April Fool’s Day (April 1st in my neck of the woods), I thought the general theme could be all about “No Foolin'” and to a lesser degree, “shenanigans.”

As I attempted to update my theme, the thoughts, “This ain’t NO joke” kept crossing my mind which inspired these ten things for today’s list:

1. I am going to scream. As I work in a library that was not really an option.

2. Why, oh why did I try to do this? A thought that came several times as I worked on adding my widgets (which are still a hot mess but le sigh!)

3. For the love of all things holy, why did I want to change? Fickle beast that I am, I ALWAYS want a change, then I make the change and then I remember why I stopped…it’s a pain in the ass!

4. I am woman, hear me roar. That roar may have been directed at a poor student who approached the desk in particular moment of frustration. I did apologize to her. 

5. Where is my web guy? My friend Kingsley installed my first updates and I kept thinking, why didn’t I just let him do this? The answer? I was being a rushyrush rushkin. 

6. Ooh shiny! A thought that popped into my head when I was browsing through some other sites. 

7. I wish I were more clever so I could make a better joke about this. Self explanatory.

8. No one needs help? With the exception of that one student, no one needed my help, thus providing a distraction from my woes.

9. Spoke too soon. Where do these kids think they are…a library?!

10. It’s getting there. My site is still a mess but perhaps lukewarm, not quite hot. 



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