#MondayListicle: The Best Things in Life Are Free*

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*I still want money.

This week’s Monday Listicle Prompt is from Jennifer who writes the blog Just Jennifer Blog. She’s asking for ten things that don’t cost money. (Sneak peek…I suggested next week’s prompt for band names. I am inappropriately giggly about this!)

Ten things that are free

1. Library books
2. Sitting on your couch to read that library book
3. Getting gooey hugs and kisses from babies during storytime.
4. Taking a wog
5. Snuggles from your pet
6. Listening to all of those CDs that you have and don’t want to part with.
7. Chatting with a friend about everything and nothing
8. Naps
9. Reading trashy websites
10. Coming home to a house that is clean!

What about you?
What’s the best freebie you can think of?


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