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Today one of my co-workers remarked that she was humming because I kept humming as I went about my day. Today was a hard day for me; I was tempted to play hooky from work and sleep the day away but duty called and I made my way in. Despite a blah morning, the day got better with visits from some of my favorite families, ME not getting lost as I drove around and the excitement I feel about a new program I am working on.

Songs to wiggle and move to on a Blah Monday:


Let it Go has been the touted song from the movie Frozen but I love the song, “Love is An Open Door.”

It’s cute, it’s catchy and how can you NOT like a song with a robot dance sequence?


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A few weeks ago Effin Guy an I headed to the Kimmel Center for a concert and in the grand hall, there are busts of composers with samples of their music. I almost lost it when I head Verdi’s Requiem, Dies irae. This was the dramatic opening to battle Royale, the movie that some may argue that The Hunger Games borrows (very) heavily from.

And yes. This is my new ringtone.

Buy it here:

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I have been in an Abba mood and so my house has transformed into a funky late 70’s, early 80’s musical time machine. The Abba station on Pandora loves Laura Branigan’s Gloria and oft plays it. Gloria was also a song from Flashdance and Flashdance used to be my movie! Gloria is also the name of my mom and my niece so when I am calling one of them I have to sing their names.

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Have fun and leave me your favorite tunes to hum. My coworkers would totally appreciate me not singing Frozen anymore.


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  1. aimee fauci says:

    You have quite a variety of music here! I vote for Frozen.. was going to click and listen but my 2 yr old is in my face and I know I will have to loop that sucker!

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