Monday Listicles: Ten Things About School

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I am totes late to Stasha’s Listicle (from last week!) but had to add my two cents.
Here’s to ten things about school. This addition will be a mesh up of both The Bee and my own experiences.

1. New supplies.
Each year the promise of blank notebooks, whole pencils and pens that worked were like an fresh start.

2. New shoes.
Being a twin and therefore needing two of everything meant that we waited until the last minute to shop. We always went to Buster Brown on Woodland Avenue.
The Bee has certain shoes to wear with her uniform.
She is not a fan.

3. Who will be your teacher/in your class
At The Bee’s new school there is none of this but her last school would mail the list early on and there was always the excitement over who was in your class.

4. Gym uniforms.
I hated that blue jumpsuit with the elastic legs.

5. Juice boxes (and other school only snacks)
My mom would always buy special snack sized portions for Buffy and I to take to school. This was before the days when anyone and their mama could hit BJs or target for bulk.
I used to love snack packs of Cracker jack.

6. New CLEAN backpacks.
These are different from supplies because with a backpack we could personalize them

7. Walking to school.
The school I went to was right around  the corner from my house.
I was late every day.

8. Summer work.
As a kid I would rush to do them at the end of summer. Now my kid does the same so that she can turn it in and get the credit that is due.

9. School nights
There is something magical about staying out late on school nights. Even as adult, a variation in my routine which means that I’m home but doing something OTHER than getting ready for the next day seems exotic.

10. School closing numbers
I can never remember the number but waiting by the radio in hopes KYW would call your number or the ever blessed: All Philadelphia Public and Parochial schools are closed.

What are your school memories?


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