Monday Listicles: No More  Smonday Blues

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Sunday evening memories from childhood feels like a montage set to 80’s music.

Cue Joe Esposito:


Laying clothes out for the next day…finishing up dinner and dessert…working on that last minute homework projects…60 Minutes…the Wonderful World of Disney…getting my hair done.

However, there was always this underlying,  frantic feeling of having to return to work or school on Monday, punctuated by my mom’s cries of “Work tomorrow!”  while she was doing some of the Sunday prep for the week. She would be making some negative noises as she lamented the end of the weekend and that feeling became mine as I began to form my opinion of Sunday nights.


Monday Listicles: No More  Smonday Blues

As a working adult I’ve had mixed feelings about the moment when the weekend ends and the work week begins. Before becoming a mom, some of the feeling was knowing that I had to get up at “why is this an hour?” o’clock. Once The Bee was around, some of it was because being a new mom for me was being in a constant state of always being tired and every precious minute of sleep was desired.

When I was working at the part-time gig, Sundays belonged to a job. For eight years I worked 1 pm -10pm almost every Sunday. Include the commute back and forth to work and yup, my whole day was shot!

Now with only one work commitment, I have this sense that my time is mine, once again, and instead of letting Smonday be a thing, I’ve decided that weekends are for juicy adventures. This means when Monday rolls around I’m not fussing about going to work. I mean not fussing a lot.

Today’s Listicle is how I got rid of the Smonday Blues. 

  1. Checking out new Farmer’s Markets or some other thing and discovering something new.
  2. Whipping up a soup from a new recipe and enjoying it by the fire pit.
  3. Spending time with family.
  4. Curling up on the couch and reading through a pile of books.
  5. Sneaking away with The Bee for a “Girls Only” Adventure.
  6. Checking out a new spot for brunch.
  7. Getting cozy with The Librarian.
  8. Practicing some self-care.
  9. Saying yes to invitation from friends.
  10. Tackling some project around the house.

This list may seem oh so random but making sure my weekends are not spent anxiously thinking about work has been so freeing. There are days when I think about the busy schedule ahead of me and I want to hide but knowing that I’ve done a thing for me, well…the Smonday Blues are a things of the past.

Tell me…do you suffer from the Smonday Blues or are you a “Monday Motivator?”

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  1. Oh I know that “smonday” feeling very well: sometimes the only way out is to find another job! My way of fighting it was to be very busy on Sundays. Keeping my mind occupied on something else helped me a lot!

    1. Rachee says:

      Yes! I feel like knowing that I done something for me makes it easier to give to everyone else who is going to need it.

  2. I had that feeling early on Sunday today. So much going on today and so little time.

  3. irishred13 says:

    Love how you titled this one! Smondays are rough but I like the idea of going through your list to not let it get us down!

  4. Ashley says:

    I always get a case of the Mondays! it’s a weird thing but if I follow some of these tips I’m sure I can kick it!

  5. reesann723 says:

    Honestly, I love Mondays. Everyone is back to school, it’s quiet and I can have everything cleaned up!

    1. Rachee says:

      I think this is reason enough to NEVER have SMONDAY blues!

  6. robin rue says:

    A new brunch spot sounds so good to me, I live for brunch and new places to eat make me very happy!

  7. brandidcrawfordgmailcom says:

    These are really great tips! I really like the idea of cooking up a new soup and then enjoying it curled up on the couch.

  8. Melanie says:

    I feel like I hustle round the clock, so when it’s about to start again it can be a little disappointing. I need to carve out more downtime on Sundays.

  9. mlaurie24 says:

    I totally understand this. I get so much anxiety every SUnday night thinking about having to go to work the next day. I try to get my kids in bed early and need time for myself or I’m a mess.

  10. Ali Gilbert says:

    Eating soup by the fire pit sounds amazing! This is a great list of fun things!

  11. Alecia says:

    I have found that having a kid in school for the first time has really made me thankful for Sundays. The school week is so hectic it’s nice to have a day for family time each week

  12. Jamie Reed says:

    Great list, some fun ideas to try! Smonday blues are definitely real and seem to come around so quickly!

  13. I love your list and think we can all agree on some of them. I liked your reference to Sunday’s past I remember growing up watching the wonderful world of Disney with my family. We would all be huddled in the living room. Oh how much simpler life was. Now onto tackling long lists. Happy Monday.

  14. Julia Hunter says:

    Totally had a case of the Smondays today. I like your suggestions, especially the one for making soup, soup always makes me feel better.

  15. Smonday blues is so descriptive and right on target! I definitely suffer from them but your ideas are really good ones and keeping busy is a big help.

  16. Nicole says:

    Omg I love the term “smonday”! It’s totally hard to not let the impending Monday alarm clock ruin your Sunday. These are great things for getting rid of those blues.

  17. Sissy Johnson says:

    I’ve been here far too many times – But yesterday was an awesome day I didn’t have the blues . But I do love this list and will keep it in mind when i’m having my next “Smonday Blues” moment.

  18. Joanne says:

    I love Monday! The start of a brand new week always excites me because of the new possibilities that await. I love your list of fun things to do.

  19. Lindsey Mozgai says:

    Sundays are always such a dreaded day. Between knowing monday is right around the corner and having so much to do, things can be a bit difficult on Sundays.

  20. Hannah Rooks says:

    While I’m not a fan of Monday morning, I LOVE Sunday nights. They usually are uneventful with no plans and completely guilt-free of indulging and relaxing. I need Sundays in my schedule!

  21. janella2016 says:

    I actually don’t mind monday its a new week where you can try again if you failed at something the week before.

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