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I’ve had the worst insomnia and just when I thought it was getting better, the purveyors of sleep had other ideas.

*shakes fist*

Here are ten things I have spent my late nights doing instead of sleeping.

1. Watching way too much Bob’s Burgers on Netflix.
Especially this episode:

2. Think about exercising.
Half assed hip drops are my jam.

3. Planting houseplants
Although I think I killed my mint. Yes. The hearty mint plant was no match for my black thumb.

4. Not planning my summer (I am in total denial that it is happening in about a month)

5. Fussing with my cat who think this is an appropriate bed:


This is a drawer of tee shirts. Lolly is so disrespectful.

6. Practice the piano.
This is tricky because my piano is out of tune and I have neighbors.


Lil is recreating my practice.

7. Take cat selfies


8. Listen to podcasts.
Even the smooth tones of Robert Siegel can’t lull me to sleep.

9. Start household projects.
So I start to wash dishes the experience an “Ooh! Shiny” moment and move on to another thing.

10. Fall asleep right before my alarm goes off! Hooray!

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