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In which I get glam with Stella and Dot!

When I was younger I was the queen of jewelry.  Mostly costume, I mean I was 12, but I would take the time to accessorize, shop for different styles and looks and decorate myself in ways to match what I was wearing. The result:

That’s me on the right.
I know, too HAWT!

But then I got older and it seemed that wearing jewelry was just a chore. (Aside…lots of things seem like a chore the older I get…what’s that about?) The same things I would decorate my person with…jewelry, nice clothes, make up all seemed to be taxing! There are days when I remember to wear earrings and they may match,  a bracelet my mom gave me following a trip to the islands but that is it. Accessorizing seems to be something other people do and was not important.

Back in August I visited the Stella and Dot Booth during BlogHer but dismissed it as something for “fashion types.” The prices are reasonable, the pieces gorgeous but as the song goes, it was not for me. I watched as a friend oohed and aahed over the line but I found that I was eager to find something not jewelry.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Jen Thomas, a Stella and Dot representative, during the Mom Mixer Holiday Showcase. I explained that I wanted to be someone who liked wearing jewelry but was not really sure where or even how to start. During the Powerup Weekend, Monica Barnett suggested all women have a signature necklace and I figured I could get ideas from Stella and Dot.

Jen showed me a beautiful necklace called The Chelsea. It was delicate, it was gorgeous. It’s so me!
She explained that the necklace could be worn long or doubled for a different look.

So me!

I was digging Jen’s charm necklace also. She had chosen charms to represent different areas of her life including her family and chose to double up the chains which provided a lovely layered look.

The fabulous Jen

On Jen’s site, there is a video to help get one started with the Charm Collection. Jen gave me permission to link the video in the post.



If you are like me and need a good place to start, reach out to Jen. She is a great resource and has an affordable and beautiful collection of items. She is on Twitter as @JenThomasJewels or you can reach her through her web page, http://www.stelladot.com/sites/jenthomas.

I’m excited about an upcoming jewelry show I was invited to. I think I will take a moment to decorate myself.

Loving Chelsea,

r’s note: In the spirit of disclosure, the Mom Mixer Holiday event was a free event. All opinions are my own.


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