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After last week’s amazing days of getting a daily workout done, it snowed in Philly and got hella cold. As I made my way to work and beyond, I saw people going out and about for their runs and I shrugged. I don’t do snow. I am not comfortable driving in it and am not at a point in my workout life where my wogs are anything but a necessary chore but I did feel a little badly about missing my daily mile. Someone else on Instagram is doing a similar running goal and she mentioned that she does extra miles now so that if she misses a day she is still on track. I loved this but know myself and how I can make something irrational and ridic into sound logic if I muse on it long enough. I was making up some asinine excuse when I shared my goal in one of my online Facebook groups.

I shared my goal with one of my Facebook groups (Black Girls Run…they are preserving the sexy, yo!), and was so encouraged by the other members! They were so supportive and gave me such great words that I am wanting to succeed. These women don’t even know me and they are rooting me on, the least I can do is be my own cheerleader.

In response to my post, one woman wrote:

That’s great but just one note, if you have to miss a day for whatever reason PLEASE do not beat yourself up about it. I tried to overdo it a couple of times trying to maintain and ended up injuring myself to where I couldn’t run at all. Keep up the good work but listen to your body as well!! Thumbs up!!!!

I thought about what J had written and missing a run or two because of extreme weather didn’t seem do bad. This time a few weeks ago found me doing nothing and so far I have logged more miles this month than I had each month I worked out in 2014.

Alternate plans are still needed. I like walking during lunch but when it’s cold (as the local weather people keep promising) or raining (I don’t mess with the rain either…hair and I may fall ’cause I’m clumsy as bleep!) or a day when I am wearing a skirt (and just feeling extra cute), I need to make sure that I am still moving.

Thank goodness for the library! I was able to find a copy of Leslie Sansone: 1 Mile Workouts. I haven’t tried it out yet but I am happy to know that this is waiting when I can’t get my steps in.

home workout with Leslie | sayitrahshay.com


It also helps to have gym buddies. Buffy and Pickles DJ joined me at the gym and it was fun to have someone to workout with. I usually hit the gym solo because I feel like I would be distracted but it was good to have a person to spot me, show me how to correct my form and to have an ally against the Arnolds (aka free weight hogging guys) in the gym.


Gym buddies | sayitrahshay.com

Gym buddies



They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. I’m almost two thirds of the way there.

Don’t forget! I (over) share my workouts on Instagram and invite you to connect with me over there if you too are working on some goals. I am also on Nike plus as rungirl73 and would love to have some friends. Because I am that dork who gets a kick out of the cheers from likes and comments when I do my workouts.

Let’s connect and keep on movin’ it.


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