Middle School Madness

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That tween of mine is growing up!

or Help!

Seriously, I need some help because it seems as though my kid has lost her mind! Not doing homework, ‘forgetting’ about assignments, LYING about completed homework. What the holey hockey mom? I didn’t start screwing around in school until the end of 7th grade but I suppose with kids developing faster these days she is right on target.

Anywho, the start of the school year was off and running and it seemed as if we still haven’t caught our breathes! In the span of a few weeks we moved, started school, ended a Hellish summer (me) and boring summer (per The Bee), new routine, new everything. Yes, yes, some people do more with less but I ain’t one of them.

Moving on.

Things were rough from the start, the first day was an anxious time that found The Bee in tears as she entered her classroom. I admit I was weepy as well, becoming that parent as I chatted with her teacher during the Get Acquainted session later that day.  Then came full force Drama Queen madness! So far The Bee has described school as everything from how much she hates it , to it’s too hard, too boring, too much. There has been some fun…remembered and shared before The Bee can remember that she is supposed to be an angst ridden tween. She will tell me something fun and light about her day before scowling and changing the subject. My skills as a parent have been called into question; “What type of mother are you to make me keep going to school!?” she will ask? Uh…one who doesn’t want to go to jail?

We’ve had a relatively smooth few weeks until she called me teary from The Dad’s; she was in trouble for not doing her homework. As I tried to calmly listen (I wanted to hop in my car and rush over to her side), she waxed weepily about how school was hard and that she didn’t understand things. Encouraging her to meet with her teacher, I offered all kinds of anecdotes from my times as a lazy kid, Mom’s subsequent yelling and how she can do better. We had seemed to reach a routine, homework getting completed, with some nagging from The Dad or myself. It was all gravy until the e-mail from The Teach. The Bee was ill this morning, I was met with a physically ill child. Literally. She wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t wake up, was lethargic and wheezing. Frightened, and a little guilty (I was wishing for an extra day off and thought that my sarcastic utterance caused fate to strike) I plied her with tea and crackers and did my due diligence as mom and contacted The Dad as well as her teacher

Color me pissed when I read her teacher’s response. Teach was going to call home as The Bee has NOT been turning in homework. After I cleaned my kitchen, some boxes of books that had been neglected, gathered items to be taken to the Thrift Shop, called Mom, Buffy, Charleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeene and The Dad, I was able to speak.

What now?

She’s a bright kid, the work cannot be too hard as she has demonstrated that she is capable of doing it yet there still seems to be a struggle. It’s nerve wrecking, sad and worrisome. So help! Help! Help!



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