Mid March Check-in

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Oof! It’s been a while since I’ve checked in and shared my fitness progress. Mostly because I have been feeling bit stuck about where I am and not quite sure the plan to get out of the funk I am in.

Let’s do it.


February miles

I only ran a total of 14.7 miles…the lowest amount of miles I logged since last May (gah!). I don’t even remember why I did not run throughout the month. I t could have been snow or just an account case of “Idonwanna.” The Librarian and I did take a few hot yoga classes and although I was not pounding the pavement, I feel like the way I sweated and contorted my body was workout enough.

March has been a bit better. The weather is nicer has been a bit nicer with some unexpected Summer like days and I have been able to do some outdoor runs. The Bee started track and has been asking to run to run with me too. While there are days I look forward to running, there are still more days when I need to psych myself up for the experience. Once I am out there I do enjoy the experience but lord does it take a lot of mental manipulation!


This is still a struggle. For every good meal, day I log my calories, there are more moments when I smash through a box of girl scout cookies with complete abandon. Thank God Girl Scout Cookie season is over. I really did mt part to help the girls reach their goals and get to camp.

I have been making it a point to NOT bring the junk food in the house and buying more fruits and veggies. It helps to have no options but the healthier alternative to wish on; however, this activity leads to me classifying food as “good” or “bad.” Once I start THAT up, I find that I am not eating like a normal person. A small meal for breakfast, light snack and then I am going to the drive through and guiltily ordering a number three and feeling bad about enjoying waffle fries.

Sigh! Calorie Counting is a bust; I open the app, dutifully note my breakfast and then the rest of the day is gone. I compensate by telling myself that I am working out but we all know that you cannot outrun a bad diet.


Well, there is no way back machine so I cannot do anything about the past. There are ten days left in this month and my goal for the for the rest of the is to just take it a meal at a time, a workout at a time and get into the groove again. Whatever results come will be a bonus.



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  1. jeff says:

    I’m going to get a grant and write a book about “mental manipulation.” It’s amazing how we psych ourselves out of what we know we need – and want – to do…and with such ease!

    You’ve named the only remedy that’ll work, though: one meal at a time and each day its own day ’til the end of the month. So, “Once more unto the [track], dear friend, once more”…to paraphrase Billy Shakes’.

    You got this, Fitness Girl, you got this. 🙂

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