Mid February Goal Check in: No excuses

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Yesterday I stepped on my Wii fit board (when I was alone in the house, with all of the windows and curtains tightly shut!) and after the judgy board groaned and sighed and observed that it had been 604 days since my last workout I was happy to learn that I have not gained weight since my last use. I haven’t lost any either and in fact my body is weaker than before. Instead of getting bummed and making a vow to start some dumb fad diet/exercise routine that I am not going to complete, I reexamined the goals I set for myself back in the beginning of the month.

My goals for February
Fab Ab Challenge
Get new sneakers
Get to gym weekly
Stop drinking soda

How have I done?
I have not been back to the studio. My Sundays find me curled with a book, groaning that I have to head to work by one pm. I think I need to adjust my thinking. Instead of spending all morning thinking about going to work later in the day I can be using that time to go for a walk with The Bee.
My sister loaned me a yoga DVD from when she was into it and I can add that to my morning.

Fab Ab Challenge.
Again, I *mean to* start the challenge but find excuses not to. I’ve saved the picture to my phone for easier, more available access and really have no excuse. I’ll start from day one and just jump in tonight after I get home.

Sneakers/Weekly gym
I finally got a new pair of “workout only” sneakers. They have been in my workout bag since the once day I actually made it to the gym. My excuses of leaving The Bee alone in the house, of not having time, of not being prepared need to stop. I find time for other things, I can certainly find time to work out.

Stop drinking soda
With the exception of a sip from The Bee’s soda last week I have not been drinking soda. I HAVE been drinking more iced tea and can acknowledge that I have substituted the tea for soda. I still have a cup of coffee in the morning and have been drinking water or tea. I have been carrying around water so there is no excuse not to drink it and have been easing up on the coffee although I have gotten a wicked caffeine headache.

While on Facebook I saw this graphic from Healthy Fit Mama:

I say that I want to be healthy, now it’s time to make it so.
No excuses, no reasons not to and here’s to fitter me.
See you on the treadmills.

r’s note: I cannot find the original owner of the above quote and make no claims for creating the graphic.


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  1. Oh I’m watching you!!!

  2. Just take baby steps. Adding/taking out one thing at a time really does make a difference. Over time you’ll realize a big change has happened.

    Remember slow/small progress is still progress && You can do this!

  3. Last month, last year are done. Just plan on what you can do each day. Do like the people at AA, one day at a time, each day do tings to be fitter adn healthier just for the day.

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