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Ahhh…the ubiquitous meeting. The ritual in which a group of people are corralled in a pre arranged place and ideas are to be shared. Earlier this month I was privy to four (!) meetings and, as it is in life, some were better than others.

The usual suspects were in attendance:

The questioner: that person who inevitably asks a question about something that only relates to themselves. This person can also be called the time waster as in ‘You are wasting everybody’s time with this BS.’

The storyteller: that person who has an anecdote for every topic on the agenda. This person is cousin to the questioner as these are stories that only relate to the place where they work.

The whisperer: the person who knows more than the presenter. Instead of listening (or allowing others in the vicinity to listen), this person must carry on a private conversation throughout the entire meeting.

The crafter: it always amazes me that people bring their needlework to these things. Perhaps I am a bit jealous. I have to concentrate on each and every stitch in order to create anything. I lose count as well. I either have to listen to the lecture/meeting or crochet to get the most benefit. I cannot do both. (Perhaps I am the ‘hater’)

The murmurer. This is the person who always whispers their comment or question. They sit in the back, side or any other acoustically challenged area of the room and softly speak. Is it a secret?

The latecomer. Oh wait, that’s me. Never mind.

Despite my sarcastic tone, I like these meetings of the minds. When I first started my position I used to be so intimidated by the fact that EVERYONE seemed to know more than I. While this may be true in some instances, I am more confident and feel that I can hold my own. I like chatting with my friends and colleagues as well as eyeballing what everybody else is doing.

Next meet-up is in January.
My tip: lots of coffee and sitting on the side (for the numerous bathroom runs that are a result of all of the coffee).


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